Victoria: Good Eats

One of my favourite things to do while traveling is eat! Heck, that's one of my fav things even when I'm not traveling ;)  We had some awesome meals in Victoria that were just too yummy not to share.

Fav place hands down was Red Fish Blue Fish, a little eatery right along the harbour. Giant line, but definitely worth the wait. You must go. Fish tacos, deep fried pickles, seafood poutine (yes, poutine!).

Amazing food and ocean view *sigh*, I love it.

Victoria is famous for it's high tea, especially at the Fairmont Empress. We popped in to look around but opted for the White Heather Tea Room, a local granny type place recommended by our b&b.

Alice's first high tea, how stinkin' adorable is that?


The majority of our eating was actually done at our b&b. As I mentioned in my recap post, breakfast was four freaking courses. Can you say full? Definitely worth every penny and worked out kinda awesome not having to venture out every morning with a baby.


In other news, Alice has mastered the high chair. We were actually a bit worried about if we'd be able to pull of restaurants or not. She can't sit up on her own yet, but with some strategically placed blankets and this support cushion I picked up at IKEA for $5, she was good to go! She surprisingly was pretty happy hanging out and staring at the other people in the restaurant while we ate. Phew!


Other deliciousness included takeout pizza from prima strada, sushi matsuri, and fish and chips near the airport.

Mmmmm, remind me not to do food posts before lunch, ok? Are you hungry yet?



  1. Oh my! The food and tea and everything looks absolutely wonderful Christine ;)
    One of my favourite things about travelling - aside from looking at all the beautiful architecture and design - is getting to eat at all sorts of new eateries and cafes. So fun!

  2. I am adding these all to my list... and a baby friendly b&b!? I'd never even thought of taking Halle to a b&b... but maybe we'll just completely copy your little Victoria trip when we venture there! hahaha bookmarking your post so I can save everything you did. I cannot wait for high tea! ;) Thanks for the tips

    P.S. Alice is such a cutie! I seriously need to look into planning an Edmonton trip ASAP! I've been looking at taking VIA since it's pretty much the same price as flying, but with wayyy better views (even if it does take longer haha)

  3. As always nice photos,and yummy food.
    Alice is so beautifull.
    Never been in Canada ,i like when you do post about places you visit,it looks so nice ,thanks for sharing all the tips.

  4. Love cups of tea and the sweets. And little Alice is getting so big!

  5. ahhh!~ yummers! we went to victoria on our honeymoon. so gorgeous there


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