Cel-e-brate Good Times

Blogging has been slow lately because this month has been SO BUSY (yes, all caps busy). It seems that June has turned into the month of celebrations. Starting with our anniversary, a birthday for: my niece, my best friend, her son, my dad, my sister.... followed by father's day and two weddings including my brother's in Mississippi at the end of the month - phew! It's a bit ridiculous isn't it? Happy day to all of you!!

A lot of family, a lot of cake and a lot of good times. I love a reason for a good party...

I hosted a teeny high tea luncheon yesterday for my friend, Taryn's 30th birthday. Nothing more fun than fancy cups, mini sandwiches and trying to be lady like and drink tea with two babies crawling around. These photos look deceptively peaceful, don't they? I should have taken an after photo.


Check out my dad's ghetto cake, gotta love the random mix of candles we had as kids. Nothing but the best!


So, if June is your 'good times' month happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy day to you too!!

Love, Christine

p.s. how many of you have that song in your head now? "ceel-e-brate good times - come'on!!"
You're welcome.

Around Here...


Nothing better than a sleeping baby, sneak peek at the front porch, she just loves her SO.MUCH, (updated) summer hair, chilling on the deck, fashion blogger in training with her "over the shoulder" pose, insanely busy last weekend - so partied out here, a beautiful wedding, my family :)

So that's what's going on around here, you can also find me guest blogging over at my fellow Edmontonian Erinn's blog while she's off gallivanting through Europe (pregnant! brave girl ;). Pop on over to Fancy Napkin and say hello :)


Keepin' it Real: "the chair"

I'm not sure if I've ever actually sat in this chair but it looks lovely and it's pretty darn good at holding clothes. For the life of me I cannot keep this chair clean. It's even worse now that I have a little mover on my hands who requires everything off the floor or it's going straight in the mouth.


Alice also seems to have developed a little chair of her own....


Please tell me I'm not the only one with "the chair"??


Baby Trend: Coloured Denim

I blogged about my love of the coloured denim trend here and now that it's summer I am loving the bright colours even more. I wore my new kelly green pair the other day and I must say, it's kinda hard to be in a bad mood when your pants are as bright as this.

Alice had to get in on the action too because if anyone can pull of brightly coloured clothes, it's a baby.

my pants, winners. alice's jeggings, joe fresh.
Are you feeling the brights lately?


Around Here...


Anniversary dinner for three, my new "can't miss me" green pants, birthday waffles, jammie day, a surprisingly delicious at home chai latte, flower shopping, chair shopping at IKEA (yes, these babies came home with me), Sydney and the best cake she ever had, Sydney's first birthday.

Happy weekend,

Welcome to Edmonton J.Crew!

Guess what opens today!??? I'm sorta embarassed about how excited I was to hear J.Crew was coming to Edmonton. I peruse the online shop (especially the sale section) quite frequently, but now I just need to head down the street to West Edmonton Mall.

I was lucky enough to get a peek inside last night with my buds Dajana and Ayesha, let's just say we ladies were like kids in a candy store...


Sadly there is no men's department, but they are certainly not lacking in the women's with plenty of clothes, shoes and accesories. And did I mention colour? Quite possibly the brightest. store. ever. I love it.


For you moms out there, it has to be said, the crewcuts line for kids (online only) is also pretty amazing. Go check it out. It was a fun evening with great friends, pretty clothes... and check out my loot! I am in love with my new mint clutch.


Welcome to Edmonton, J.Crew. I'm pretty happy to see you :)


p.s. I'm feeling sorta blinded by this post. I wasn't kidding about the colour, was I?

Grand Opening is June 7 and, rumour has it, you'll receive a free gift with your purchase of $300. Happy Shopping!

Four Years

Four years later and he still makes me smile this big...

cmw 0434
photo by the lovely pink sugar photography

Happy anniversary to the best husband and daddy us girls could ask for. You are my favourite.
Love, Christine

A First Birthday Present

My niece had her first (!!) birthday party this past weekend. I spent way too much time wrapping her present that I thought I'd better photograph my efforts before they were ripped to shreds.


I have to give credit to the blog you are my fave via pinterest (of course) for the awesome tip on the neon pink twine. You can pick some up at Home Depot of all places for a whopping $5. I love it and have already used it to fancy up a ton of gifts.

I'd show you what's inside but I got the same thing for my friend's little guy and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Happy birthday to my most favourite niece!! Aunty loves you :)


Around Here...

sister shopping/dinner date (sans kids), a never ending pile, catching up on magazines - one of the best things about getting my hair done (besides awesome scalp massages), tiny toms, babysitting, Sydney's first piggies, my fishy, smorgasbord, drinks on the deck with gma.

not pictured: late night/early mornings with Alice... still working on that sleeping through the night thingy.

Happy Friday.