Around Here...


Anniversary dinner for three, my new "can't miss me" green pants, birthday waffles, jammie day, a surprisingly delicious at home chai latte, flower shopping, chair shopping at IKEA (yes, these babies came home with me), Sydney and the best cake she ever had, Sydney's first birthday.

Happy weekend,


  1. Great photos - fun & Happy Anniversary!

  2. Its so cool to celebrate anniversaries and have children as living examples of your love. These are adorable moments! Happy anniversary and happy birthday to Sydney! How fast a year goes!

  3. mmmm…I loved Sydney's birthday waffles.

  4. Happy Anniversary! The chairs you got from ikea are so cute! Where are you planning to put it and how much was it?

    1. I put two chairs on my front porch! They were $65 each from IKEA.

  5. Wow, it's been ages since I last visited - I think you were pregnant at the time, so it's been over a year. Time flies!

    Looks like things around there are pretty good :-) Lots of celebrating, which is always a good thing :-)

  6. I adore! happy anniversary and love all these picts~

  7. Yeah Happy Anniversary! :) Love the pics!

  8. Love that photo of the chai latte! Happy anniversary :)

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