Baby Trend: Coloured Denim

I blogged about my love of the coloured denim trend here and now that it's summer I am loving the bright colours even more. I wore my new kelly green pair the other day and I must say, it's kinda hard to be in a bad mood when your pants are as bright as this.

Alice had to get in on the action too because if anyone can pull of brightly coloured clothes, it's a baby.

my pants, winners. alice's jeggings, joe fresh.
Are you feeling the brights lately?



  1. I actually have a pair of kelly green pants that I wore the other day...i love them! They really did put a smile on my face :)

  2. Love that shade of green, and Alice's jeggings are far too adorable!

  3. Alice looks very trendy on those litlle pants.
    You look nice as well,sunny day in Edmenton:)

  4. Oh how cute!!! Alice is so on trend. Love it Christine.

  5. Ummm, sorry - you are both way too cute for me! :) Nothing cuter than a baby in jeans. I may look for some coloured denim for Halle when we do outlet shopping in Massachusetts next month ;) haha

  6. I have yet to take the coloured denim plunge (don`t need to draw anymore attention to this J.Lo situation I got going on in the back) but I will take the adult version of Alice`s sun hat! so cute. xo

  7. So cute! I have a problem...I can't stop buying them for me and the kiddies. I think between the 3 of us there is around 8 pairs in this house.. but they are just so fun for spring and summer!

  8. Super cute! I just picked up a pair of red skinnies from J Crew yesterday!!! Very excited to wear them... just need some sunshine to appear!

  9. Oh my goodness so cute! I dont think i have seen coloured denim look that good :)


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