Cel-e-brate Good Times

Blogging has been slow lately because this month has been SO BUSY (yes, all caps busy). It seems that June has turned into the month of celebrations. Starting with our anniversary, a birthday for: my niece, my best friend, her son, my dad, my sister.... followed by father's day and two weddings including my brother's in Mississippi at the end of the month - phew! It's a bit ridiculous isn't it? Happy day to all of you!!

A lot of family, a lot of cake and a lot of good times. I love a reason for a good party...

I hosted a teeny high tea luncheon yesterday for my friend, Taryn's 30th birthday. Nothing more fun than fancy cups, mini sandwiches and trying to be lady like and drink tea with two babies crawling around. These photos look deceptively peaceful, don't they? I should have taken an after photo.


Check out my dad's ghetto cake, gotta love the random mix of candles we had as kids. Nothing but the best!


So, if June is your 'good times' month happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy day to you too!!

Love, Christine

p.s. how many of you have that song in your head now? "ceel-e-brate good times - come'on!!"
You're welcome.


  1. Was just talking about this today - June is our big birthday month, too, which of course is also graduation/wedding season (!).
    I love how the grandbabies are helping your dad blow out his candles : )

  2. - SUCH pretty saucers
    - I love the word 'ghetto'... (and 'cake')
    - happy belated anniversary
    - July will be our all caps BUSY month #deepbreath
    - Have fun ya party animal!

  3. Cute! I love the tea party. :)

  4. I love that picture with the grandfather and two granddaughters.
    They look so lovely.Enjoy the rest of the summer

  5. hahaha I DID NOT have it stuck in my head until you typed it at the end there... thank you very much haha

  6. The tea party looks adorable! Love the vintage tea cups you used :) Where did you purchase the table cloth i love the shape of it, its so different!


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