A First Birthday Present

My niece had her first (!!) birthday party this past weekend. I spent way too much time wrapping her present that I thought I'd better photograph my efforts before they were ripped to shreds.


I have to give credit to the blog you are my fave via pinterest (of course) for the awesome tip on the neon pink twine. You can pick some up at Home Depot of all places for a whopping $5. I love it and have already used it to fancy up a ton of gifts.

I'd show you what's inside but I got the same thing for my friend's little guy and I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Happy birthday to my most favourite niece!! Aunty loves you :)



  1. So sweet! Love this Christine. It seems like just yesterday you were posting your neice's birth photos. My nephew just turned 1 last week...crazy how time flies.

  2. Aw, looks so cute lady! Good job! :)

  3. Love the twine and the packaging! Such sweet Aunty! :)

  4. Amazing! I got this twine and have used it with kraft paper for Liv's little friends birthday a few weeks ago. It was a hit. Now I hear there is gold at the dollar stores..better check that out :)

  5. I *love* wrapping presents! I'm so slow at it tho lol
    You did a great job and the wrapping paper looks fun :)

  6. Love the wrapping! So adorable yet sophisticated!


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