iPhone Case Search - Society 6

I've been searching for a new iPhone case and in my never ending browsing came across Society 6. Have you heard of it? It's an online shop created by independent artists from all over the world. The selection is incredible (almost overwhelming) ranging from prints, photographs, canvases, iPhone cases... all available for pretty affordable prices.

Art 'Colors 201' by Jen Ramos:

Art 'Polka' by Sirin Thada:

Art 'No. 8' by Adriane Duckworth:

I can just imagine myself on my phone, wearing my matching hoodie, while hanging up my matching art print, haha. Overkill? There are so many beautiful options, I'm having a hard time picking a favourite. See any you like?


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Grocery shopping just got a heck of a lot easier, trouble, messiest.eater.ever, loving her puzzle stool, naptime reads, it's rough being a baby, pretty and delicious wedding cupcakes, the brides, the most beautiful wedding venue (even in the pouring rain).

priceless moment as Andrea explains, "how do you blog?" to this fellow, bacon mac n' cheese with slow roasted pork grilled cheese sandwich - he-llo!!, Alice and Cole's first train ride, loving crazy summer weather, little girl big bed, hoping to catch a few more minutes on my parent's driveway, new trick: the point, pork belly slider, braving the rain at 'a taste of edmonton'.


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Nothing says summer more than ooey gooey marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. That's right s'mores, I just love them. I was scrolling through my facebook and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the deliciousness being offered at Crave Cupcakes this summer. These might possibly be the fanciest things to grace my firepit.


They also have s'more cookies because sometimes you just can't wait. I think I might have to make a pit stop at Crave this weekend. drooool.

Hope your weekend is equally as sweet.


Loving... Cruiser Bicycles

Guys, I sorta want a bike. Not the hard core moutain kind of bike, but the comfy, cruise to the store and buy flowers kind of bike...


They're just so cute. I'm thinking maybe I can trick myself into exercising ;) Maybe.

If you have one, do you love it and what kind do you have? I'd love some recommendations!

Electra Cruiser from United Cycle


Pinned: Watermelon, Feta, Arugula Salad

I'm sorta obssessed with this watermelon, feta and arugula salad. I think I had it three times last week. You would be surprised how well watermelon and feta go together. It's salty, it's sweet, it's delicious.


I made a few tweaks based on what I had in my fridge - I ditched the tomatoes and used dill instead of basil in the dressing. Original recipe from the merry gourmet and pinned here.

Yum, I highly recommend.


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The Sweetest Fun Mail

Alice received some fun mail the other day from my friend, Karlene. They are quite possibly the sweetest dolls ever and she made them.

Dolls karlene crate

Alice is particularly fond of the the rattle, it went straight into her mouth. I put the doll up on the shelf for now. She's just too pretty to be ruined with slobber right now.

Aren't they sweet? I imagine them being something Alice will keep and treasure forever. I'm trying to convince Karlene to open up an etsy shop - y'all would buy one, right??


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Catching up with last week...

My niece loving the stella & dot jewels, showed up to my sister's in the exact same outfit, this is definitely not the first time this has happened. (she promptly changed after the photo), Alice really, really likes Cole, lemon meringue cupcake date with cute friends, bonding with my new doggie niece, Emma, pretty pink flowers, beach bums, Alice, the perfect way to enjoy all the sunshine - I love summer :)


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My House: The Front Porch

We've been so busy with our yard this summer and I'm really, really loving it. Okay, Mike has done most of the work but it makes me happy to sneak in some decorating while he's at it.

I did a little mini-revamp of the front porch - new chairs, new rug, some flowers. I kinda love sitting here and watching the world go by. In fact, I'm enjoying my morning coffee here right now, hopefully the world doesn't mind watching me in my pj's as I enjoy the view (or judge me that it's 10:30am and I'm still in my pj's)...

Front porch06

Eventually we'd like to paint or stain the wood and extend the stairs so they go the length of the porch, but since we spent so much time/money on the landscaping this will have to wait a bit.

Front porch05
Front porch01
Front Porch03

Mike has a few things left he wants to do with the landscaping, but I think it looks awesome. Hopefully I'll get out there soon and take some photos of the rest of the yard. My computer is still at the computer hospital, these were taken with my iPhone cause I'm getting tired of waiting. Hopefully they look ok. Stupid computer.


Chairs, IKEA Hogsten Armchair
Outdoor rug, Walmart ($20!)
Side Table, Superstore
Ceramic Planter, IKEA (old)
Plants, Home Depot and Canadian Tire

Loving... West Elm Graham Glider

If you followed along with my nursery planning, you'll know finding "the chair" was quite the debacle. Too big, too small, too expensive - definitely the hardest piece to find for the room. I came across this new chair at west elm that definitely would have been in the running.

Graham glider west elmgraham glider west elm

Pretty sleek looking, hey? It looks somewhat similar to the EQ3 chair we went with. Maybe that's why I like it.

I'm still crossing my fingers Edmonton gets blessed with a West Elm sometime soon!


images via west elm

Pinned: Muffin Tin Ice Cubes

It's official, technology and I are in a fight. First my computer and now my phone (don't you fail me now iPad). While it should be said that the phone falling in the toilet was my fault, I'm still mad at you technology. Phone photos: gone, computer photos: held hostage - it's frustrating and doesn't leave much for the blogging department.

I did, however, manage to tackle a really awesome idea I saw on pinterest for a shower I hosted yesterday. Giant muffin tin ice cubes. So simple, so genius. It's a simple as slicing up some lemons, adding water and freezing for some giant, lemony ice cubes that are awesome in big pitchers of drinks. I love that they're so large and won't melt as fast. Next time I might try it with other fruits to fancy up some water.

muffin tin ice cubes

Pin here and original source idea from Martha (naturally).

I apologize for those of you who saw this on instagram already, you can be mad at technology with me for the repeat. stupid technology *insert air kick here*.

Happy Monday!

Around Here...

Oh hey, internet, long time no see. I've been on vacation. A trip down south to Mississippi to watch my bro get married (more on that soon). In the meantime, here's a little photo dump catching up on life in pictures...

death grip, look, I cleaned my chair!, she really likes that baby, sunroof weather, my new (crawling) shadow, someone really, really likes so you think you can dance, afternoon walk, reflections, fun daddy.

on sale at j.crew - I couldn't say no, grilled cheese, messiest eater ever, helping pick out ties (or eating them, whatever), brunch with a good friend, peekaboo with Dajana, "i love daddy", my dad with his girls, an appropriate father's day gift from a baby, no?

Just thought I'd pop in and say hey. How's summer treating y'all so far? (yes, I picked up some southern drawl, while I was away ;).


p.s. I think my computer is broken. I've had the white screen of death for about a week. Argh. Some photos I wanted to blog are being held hostage for now. Thinking it might be time for a new computer... desktop or laptop? Thoughts?

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