Around Here...

Oh hey, internet, long time no see. I've been on vacation. A trip down south to Mississippi to watch my bro get married (more on that soon). In the meantime, here's a little photo dump catching up on life in pictures...

death grip, look, I cleaned my chair!, she really likes that baby, sunroof weather, my new (crawling) shadow, someone really, really likes so you think you can dance, afternoon walk, reflections, fun daddy.

on sale at j.crew - I couldn't say no, grilled cheese, messiest eater ever, helping pick out ties (or eating them, whatever), brunch with a good friend, peekaboo with Dajana, "i love daddy", my dad with his girls, an appropriate father's day gift from a baby, no?

Just thought I'd pop in and say hey. How's summer treating y'all so far? (yes, I picked up some southern drawl, while I was away ;).


p.s. I think my computer is broken. I've had the white screen of death for about a week. Argh. Some photos I wanted to blog are being held hostage for now. Thinking it might be time for a new computer... desktop or laptop? Thoughts?

instagram username: christineshankowsky


  1. You look like motherhood is suiting you very well!!

  2. Ha ha, Jax has that same bib "star of mommy's blog", however it is WAY more appropriate for you since you ACTUALLY blog! :)

    1. haha! Jax is still a star ; ) My sis-in-law picked it up for her at Target! It's so small though it's pretty much useless for Alice ;)

  3. Love these pics. That striped clutch is divine Christine.
    So sorry to hear about your computer...that's no fun. If you can swing the cost, I would recommend a macbook pro laptop. I have the smallest one - the 13" and love it ;) Hope you get your pics back!

    1. Thanks, Amy. Ya, I'm debating between an iMac and a Macbook pro. We have an iMac now and I loooove the giant screen. I'm worried about the screen real estate on a laptop.

  4. Nice to hear that you're back Christine! Hope your vacation was good , pictures definitely looks awesome!


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