My House: The Front Porch

We've been so busy with our yard this summer and I'm really, really loving it. Okay, Mike has done most of the work but it makes me happy to sneak in some decorating while he's at it.

I did a little mini-revamp of the front porch - new chairs, new rug, some flowers. I kinda love sitting here and watching the world go by. In fact, I'm enjoying my morning coffee here right now, hopefully the world doesn't mind watching me in my pj's as I enjoy the view (or judge me that it's 10:30am and I'm still in my pj's)...

Front porch06

Eventually we'd like to paint or stain the wood and extend the stairs so they go the length of the porch, but since we spent so much time/money on the landscaping this will have to wait a bit.

Front porch05
Front porch01
Front Porch03

Mike has a few things left he wants to do with the landscaping, but I think it looks awesome. Hopefully I'll get out there soon and take some photos of the rest of the yard. My computer is still at the computer hospital, these were taken with my iPhone cause I'm getting tired of waiting. Hopefully they look ok. Stupid computer.


Chairs, IKEA Hogsten Armchair
Outdoor rug, Walmart ($20!)
Side Table, Superstore
Ceramic Planter, IKEA (old)
Plants, Home Depot and Canadian Tire


  1. Very nice! I love the rug, goes very nicely with your front porch. Inexpensive but an amazing turn out! Great job hun!

  2. I love it ! I'm sorry about your computer troubles !

  3. I can't believe those are iPhone pics!! The photos are so sharp!

    The rug looks great. The pop is colour is so summery :)

  4. Looks so great!! Love having a nice open front porch for coffee sipping. (and yes, i agree - would not have guessed those were iphone pics!)

  5. Looks like the perfect spot to hang out all morning in your PJs :-) Love the bright & fun striped rug.

  6. Gorgeous Christine! Love the white. So crisp and fresh.
    And love the pj pants your rockin' - too fun!

  7. Christine,it really looks awesome,I love evrything.
    Morning coffe on that porch UAU...
    You re still at home with you baby?When are you going back to work...
    I am just curious.

    1. Thanks, Luli. Yep, I'm still at home. I'm taking the full year maternity leave.

    2. Thanks for your reply.
      Enjoy your your time with your beautifull baby,
      By the way my name is Luisa.

  8. I love your chairs, and can't believe you got that rug for $20! Good job. It looks awesome!


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