Pinned: Muffin Tin Ice Cubes

It's official, technology and I are in a fight. First my computer and now my phone (don't you fail me now iPad). While it should be said that the phone falling in the toilet was my fault, I'm still mad at you technology. Phone photos: gone, computer photos: held hostage - it's frustrating and doesn't leave much for the blogging department.

I did, however, manage to tackle a really awesome idea I saw on pinterest for a shower I hosted yesterday. Giant muffin tin ice cubes. So simple, so genius. It's a simple as slicing up some lemons, adding water and freezing for some giant, lemony ice cubes that are awesome in big pitchers of drinks. I love that they're so large and won't melt as fast. Next time I might try it with other fruits to fancy up some water.

muffin tin ice cubes

Pin here and original source idea from Martha (naturally).

I apologize for those of you who saw this on instagram already, you can be mad at technology with me for the repeat. stupid technology *insert air kick here*.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh Christine...I feel for you hun. I think I would cry endlessly if this happened to me. Here's to hoping something really amazing comes your way. xo A.
    Ps. Love these lemon ice cubes. Love your photo. Love Martha.

  2. I really like this idea!

  3. Makes me thirsty…oh wait, that's just the temperature being above 30 degrees! And delicious lemon ice chunks.

  4. That is such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing :) I definitely need to try this out, like you said with different fruits will be so pretty and refreshing.


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