The Sweetest Fun Mail

Alice received some fun mail the other day from my friend, Karlene. They are quite possibly the sweetest dolls ever and she made them.

Dolls karlene crate

Alice is particularly fond of the the rattle, it went straight into her mouth. I put the doll up on the shelf for now. She's just too pretty to be ruined with slobber right now.

Aren't they sweet? I imagine them being something Alice will keep and treasure forever. I'm trying to convince Karlene to open up an etsy shop - y'all would buy one, right??



  1. These are so adorable! i keep the special dolls high up too! Hhahah

  2. Oh how sweet! She should open up an Etsy shop for sure!

  3. Definitely would! (If only one of my friends would have a little girl ...)

  4. Very cute, very thoughtful!

  5. OH My They are too sweet. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift and keepsake for your little girl! I hope you are able to convince your talented friend to open up shop.

  6. These dolls are so cute! I totally agree w/ her opening up an etsy shop.


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