Alice: Month Nine

It's been a while since an Alice update, 3 months to exact. Funny thing is I had a post drafted for month 7, month 8 and yet here we are at month 9. I think that speaks volumes to how these last three months have been: busy. A lot changes in 3 months - crawling, standing, dancing, eating... I think she might be considering dating next.

This photo cracks me up. Dad was waving a remote in her face to try and get her to sit still and it was a very, very brief moment of utter confusion.


Month nine and currently loving...

- dancing. Apparently, this isn't something you're taught because she just started dancing out of nowhere and I will not be held responsible for these moves. Haha, little girl has a style of her own.

- After a few days of some serious gagging and occasional crying, Alice has finally mastered finger food.

- "baprons" (bib aprons). I think I have the messiest eater ever. Seriously. Apparently, it's mandatory to taste with your hands, your eyes, your hair, your elbows.... A bib just doesn't suffice and those bibs with sleeves just don't stay on. Thanks to pinterest, my mom-in-law made me some of these. Love them.

- when Alice pats my back when I pick her up. I think she started mimicking me since I always do it to her... it's adorable, melts my soft mommy heart.

- clean clothes. Ya, these don't exist much anymore. Crusty, mushed up banana is my newest accessory.

- Sleep. I think as a mom I will forever need more sleep.

- gummy smiles, yep 9 months and still no teeth.

- Coffee. I'm sorry that I hated you when I was pregnant, let's never fight again.


I have no idea what happened to month five, it's all a blur...


Around Here... and there with an interview

dots and stripes, classic photo booth fun at the mall, repurposed: 3-6 month jeans = skinny capris, Alice and her boyfriends, doggie, sleeping beauty, date night, we have a crib stander!, one of many new joe fresh purchases.

Also this week, the lovely Barbara from Hodge:Podge interviewed me for her 'So Canadian, eh?' series. I always love reading these interviews, you can tell Barbara always puts so much thought and detail into them. I'm so honoured to be included among so many talented Canadian designers and bloggers. Thank you so much for having me, Barbara!


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My House: The Backyard is Done!

I finally got around to photographing the backyard! Besides a few finishing things on my husband's to-do list, it's pretty much done! Hooray.


It's such an improvement from the boring box of a backyard we had before, now it's a pretty box. It's so nice to sit outside (cold bevvy in hand, of course) and actually see and hear a bit of life! Who knew I'd notice something so small as the rustling of the leaves. It's got a bit of filling in to do, but I'm so happy with how it turned out. I really have to give most of the credit to my husband who planned and executed everything - high five Mikey! He even thought ahead and designed the curve so that we can perfectly fit a round patio in there one day.


Here's a reminder of the before (I like how dramatic it is with the dead spring grass):

And of course, the backyard wouldn't be complete if I didn't show my favourite spot to sit and take it all in. A few shots of the deck*...


*full disclosure: these deck shots are actually from last summer. It looks exactly the same so I didn't think it was worth re-shooting and well, I'm lazy ;)

What do you think?


An Outtake and a Feature

Just working on Alice's nine month update and had to share this outtake. It may be near impossible to get this girl to sit still for a photo, but sometimes it's the moments in between that are the sweetest. So happy :)


Speaking of pristine photos... Alice's nursery was featured today over at the lovely blog 'inspired by this'. Considering most days the room is looking more like this, it's fun to see the room again in it's spotless, pre-baby state. Oh, those were the days... pop on over to take a look.


Around Here... (aka the week of pretty skies)

"fun" at the spray park - Alice wasn't really a fan, double rainbow (!!), my cute little family, cousin love, seriously fun ball pit, my hot friend, Taryn, our little guest bunk at the lake, ahoy, prettiest pink sunset you ever did see (distracted from the not so pretty blue green algae on the lake. Alberta's has some great things, nice lakes isn't one of them).


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Loving... Joe Fresh Kids, Fall 2012

Is it weird that I want to dress myself in children's wear? Joe Fresh is one of those brands I find so many stylish pieces I want to steal from my daughter's wardrobe. Don't worry honey, I promise not to be "that mom" *insert Alice's preemptive eye roll here*.

Check out the new kids line available for fall 2012. I am running to Superstore tomorrow to pick up that polka dot sweater and maybe those leopard print shoes... and that jacket... and, and.... oh, boy.

all items available from joe fresh

For you American shoppers, rumour has it that Joe will be partnering with JCPenney so you should be able to get your hands on these goodies soon!

See anything you like?


A Southern Wedding Y'all

There were times we thought this day would never happen (I kid, I kid) but last month we headed down to the deep south of Mississippi to watch my brother marry the love of his life. It was beautiful, it was charming, it was HOT - us poor Canadians, haha ;)

Here are some photos from the lovely day...

southern wedding22

*sigh* don't you just love weddings? My brother is such an incredible man and I can't wait to watch these two settle into their new life together. I'm so happy for them.

Welcome to the family, Brittany :) Love you both!


all photos by Gulfportraits photography.

Around Here...


Accidental matching outfits, I love it when my new jewellery talks sweet to me, mint shorts, just another shopping day, pecan crusted slider (thanks for the recipe, Andrea!), green beans and applesauce = great hair gel, much needed "me break" at the bookstore, feverish baby means lots of cuddles, poor sick Alice (she had a fever for two days but is back to her old self, thank goodness).

And that's just a bit of what's been going on around here lately :)


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