Around Here... (aka the week of pretty skies)

"fun" at the spray park - Alice wasn't really a fan, double rainbow (!!), my cute little family, cousin love, seriously fun ball pit, my hot friend, Taryn, our little guest bunk at the lake, ahoy, prettiest pink sunset you ever did see (distracted from the not so pretty blue green algae on the lake. Alberta's has some great things, nice lakes isn't one of them).


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  1. Beautiful skies indeed! Gorgeous : )

  2. Alice's face at the spray park is too funny!

  3. Awww...Avery made the blog! She sure loved Alice and is still talking about her and Sydney. I was so happy to finally meet Alice and I can't wait to see you all again soon. xox

  4. What a beautiful roundup. Looks like motherhood is making you very happy. Now that I"m living in Kelowna I"m amazed at how many Albertans live here. When I started asking why I was told that they all come here for the beautiful lakes. Too funny!

  5. Aah summer fun! BTW: Obviously you've never been to Hanmore Lake. The water is like glass - you can see through to the bottom, and the MOST gorgeous sunsets ever. Much like your last picture. I love how pink the sky is.


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