Around Here...


Accidental matching outfits, I love it when my new jewellery talks sweet to me, mint shorts, just another shopping day, pecan crusted slider (thanks for the recipe, Andrea!), green beans and applesauce = great hair gel, much needed "me break" at the bookstore, feverish baby means lots of cuddles, poor sick Alice (she had a fever for two days but is back to her old self, thank goodness).

And that's just a bit of what's been going on around here lately :)


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  1. Very cute! Love the matching outfits ;)

  2. Really like the floral cardigan in the first photo. Where is it from? We just followed you on instagram :) Check out our photos on instagram too ! (@sarah_tsao)

  3. love the floral cardis :) and i have the same mint shorts! aren't they perfect?! so glad your sweet girl is feeling fevers are the worst.

    1. I love my mint shorts! I'm not usually a shorts person but I totally want to get these in other colours I love them so much!

  4. the cardi's seriously kill me! so cute

  5. oh, you and your daughter are gorgeous together!! i've been looking through your older posts to see what i have to look forward to with cora turning 6 months...and beyond- sitting, crawling, standing. you all must be having a blast over there! hope youre having fun with your new life being a mom...


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