Keepin' it Real: Everyday Style

I have to admit I love having the opportunity to style rooms for the blog. They may not look like this every day, or even for very long, but I have an embarrassing amount of fun making things look pretty every now and then. It's kind of like playing dress up with your home.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on the recent laundry/mudroom update. I had fun cleaning up and styling away even if it very quickly turned back to this:


Just keepin' it real.


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getting into trouble, evening shadows working wonders on my figure, queen alice out for a stroll, catching up on her favs, design date with justine, new wedges, citron meringue tart, bubbles, refreshing break for lemonade.


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My House: Laundry, More Progress

We are nearing completion on our laundry / mud room so I thought I'd pop in with a little update. I guess you could say we are easily distracted by something shiny (the sun in this case) - summer came and our priorities shifted to getting the yard done so we could enjoy it this summer. The reality is we are always slowly plugging away at stuff and trying to live life while we do it, so speedy projects just don't really happen. That's life, huh?

Here's a little peek of where the room is at...



This photo really cracks me up. I think it's quite obvious it was neatly styled to include only a few select (and almost hilariously colour matched) pieces. This little nook is usually bursting with jackets, bags and shoes. If we're being really honest, mostly my jackets, bags, shoes.

It's really a dark corner of the house with little natural light, I love how the light paint colour (cil's snowfield) really helps brighten up the space.

We still need to rig something up with the counter top. It's currently a standard depth so a few inches short in the back. The nice thing is that it's in a closet so you actually don't really notice it. The husband is thinking some sorta removable shelf thing to fill the gap and keep access to the valves and such. Stay tuned.

Here's a look at what's left on the list:

Sooo close!


little things: first fort

What started as a make shift baby gate to block those oh so tempting stairs turned into our first fort. Who knew crawling through a blanket tunnel could be so fun...



Studio Tipi Art Cards

Meet Keith and Judi (and the adorable Ringo, of course). They have to be two of the most talented people I know - amazing artists, illustrators and the faces behind the charming Studio Tipi.


Their style is sweet and whimsical and they have such an incredible eye for detail. I am in in love with their latest collections 'Secret Jungle' and 'Animals Paris' art cards. Cute animals doing cute things in Paris? What's not to love? These would make pefect artwork for a kid's room.

studio tipi art cards

You can find their work featured amongst many talented designers at Lagom Design. I, for one, love receiving beautiful cards, but I secretly want to keep them and frame them all. I wouldn't hold it against you if you did that too ;)


The lovely people at Lagom Design have graciously offered a 20% discount with the promo code 'justbella' (offer ends October 16, 2012 so get shopping!)

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Virtual Shop: Back to School Goodies

The beginning of September was always bittersweet for me. It's that feeling of dread as you realize summer has dwindled away, but the good news is it meant back to school shopping! At a young age I was already a sucker for shopping. Fall meant fancy new "school shoes", crisp new jeans and fun new pencils. I'm a sucker for new pencils.

There was always something exciting about picking out your first day of school outfit and laying out all your new school supplies, all ready for a fresh new year. The kiddos around here are back at school today and I couldn't resist a little virtual shop for some grown up goodies...

1) pocket notes to self, indigo 2) coloured mechanical pencils, crate & barrel 3) fluorescent highlighter pencils, urban outfitters 4) neon me bag, modcloth 5) chestnut desert wedges (I just ordered these!), TOMS 6) bicycle notebook, kate & birdie

Happy first day of school!

A Note on Monthly Baby Photos

I have loved tracking Alice's changes with monthly photos, but I have to say after nine months there are a few things I'd do differently. Newborn babies just lay there so I thought, great, plop the baby on the blanket, stand on the stool and boom! monthly photo.

What was I thinking?? See, this thing happens with babies - they start moving and suddenly laying still and smiling for mom is not as interesting as that paper on the floor or that dresser across the room - pretty much anything but mom with the camera.

Monthly photos outtakes

So, in hindsight the lay down method has proved to be just a wee bit challenging. Just sayin'.