Vancouver Part Two: Blend 2012 Event

As excited as I was to check out the interior design show during my Vancouver getaway (blogged here), I was thrilled to hang out and mingle with some amazing, creative and inspiring bloggers that night. Sponsored by IKEA Canada, Blend 2012 was such a fantastic party. So many beautiful, friendly faces and even some surprise guests showed up - the wonderful Tommy Smythe and Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen from Canadian House & Home Magazine.

I was too busy having fun and chatting away to take many photos (bad blogger). Please excuse the poorly lit iPhone photos and quite possible the most unflattering lighting ever.


Great food, great people and some pretty awesome swag and door prizes. I think I had horseshoes up my butt that night (I swear I hardly ever win anything!), that's me up there with the swanky Delta Touch Faucet and I also won the most beautiful painting by Michelle Morelan. I can't wait to hang it in my home, I'll be sure to update you with where it ends up!

Thank you also to my pal, Karlene for shipping these not-so-suitcase-friendly pieces home to me! I think there were a few takers had it not worked out ;)


The party was held at the St. Regis hotel where I envisioned myself enjoying my solo room with late night snacks in bed and a long, luxurious sleep in... but of course I was up at the insane hour of 7:30am wide awake. Why does that always happen??

A huge thank you to IKEA and to Victoria, Barbara, Karla, Nancy and Danielle for organizing such a great event - you gals did such a great job.

Thank you also to all of the super sweet bloggers I met for being such a friendly and welcoming bunch of people and for making my "first blogger meetup" not so scary. I had so much fun and hope I can make the trip again next year!



  1. Guaranteed the party always beats the show, no matter how good! ;) We were all so THRILLED that you were able to make it out! Have a great weekend Christine.

  2. Yeah, you'd better come next year! You will have even more fun, because you won't have the first time jitters. :)

  3. You were up at 7:30? I was up at 5....only had 3 hours of sleep. Glad you came though, and you raked in the prizes!

  4. It was very awesome you made the trip out, and I so hope we get another chance to get to know each other better! I won a Delta faucet last year, and I almost never win anything either! How is it that sleeping in when there's the chance never seems to work out?

    1. I know! It always seems to work out that way with sleeping.

  5. hahah love that hotel room shot! It looks styled actually...must be the font and fancy arrows you used... :) Glad to hear you had a great time!

  6. Wonderful re-cap of the night Christine!!!
    You're not a "bad blogger" at all...I don't think I took ANY photos that night so I think you did quite well ;) xo

  7. Thanks for the mention was fun to see everyone- and I am especially glad the painting went to someone who loves it.

    See you soon!


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