DIY Polka Dot Cards

I've been looking for some thank you cards for Alice's birthday - something pink, something polka-dotty (obviously). I wasn't having any luck until I came across this blank box of shimmer cards. I've always been a big fan of blank cards. It's nice to have them on hand when an occasion arises so that you don't have to run out and spend $5 on a card. I found the cards at Wal-Mart for a whopping $8, not bad for 40 cards. I then strolled on over to the next aisle and right into these neon label stickers.

Blank cards + bright circles = insta polka dot cards. Done and done.

DIY Polka Dot Cards, just bella

Now follow along with me, this is pretty tricky...
Step 1: buy blank cards and circle labels.
Step 2: stick labels to card.

That's it, you're done!!

DIY Polka Dot Cards, just bella

I love the contrast between the neon and neutral colours. It's a bit hard to tell in the photos but the cards have a really nice subtle shimmer to them. They'd look nice and pretty even on their own.

I can't take full credit for this project, I was inspired by a gift wrapping project I saw on Project Wedding here. So many options with these stickers, my wheels are turning!!

So that was quite possibly the easiest, fastest DIY ever, just the way I like it.


Around Here...

someone is taking after her mom in the kitchen, a wonderfully sugary breakfast, look who is almost walking!!, celebrating our first american thanksgiving, shopping at lowes, after two straight sick days on the couch, I finally got dressed, library date, chillin', not so little girl/big bed.


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Pink Polka Dot Party, Alice's First Birthday

We all know once you have kids it's no longer about you, right? Alice was definitely the star of the party but I feel like there is something about the first birthday that is for parents too. It's a celebration of a crazy new life, a thriving kid, and of survival. We made it. Now pass me a drink!

We celebrated Alice's first birthday last weekend with a few close friends and family. It was an exhausting week of crafting, shopping and prepping, but I wouldn't have it any other way (okay, maybe I wouldn't have procrastinated sooo much). Prepare yourself for some pink polka dot photo overload...


I have to give props to my card-crafting mom who had an invaluable supply of circle punches and to Hey Gorgeous Events whose DIY paint chip chandelier inspired Alice's fancy high chair garland. Thank you!!


Alice was actually quite dainty with her birthday cake. She poked and prodded the thing but gobbled it down like any other food we put in front of her. The girl loves food and of course cake was no exception.


We are so lucky to have such great family and friends who have supported and helped us through this crazy year. Thank you so much, peeps, we love you!


It seems like just yesterday we brought this itty bitty baby home, stared at her in her nursery and wondered how we got so lucky.

Happy first birthday, baby girl. We love you so :)

Party Sources: birthday invites: designed by me36" polka dot balloon: Sweet Social, polka dot garland: diy, circle chalkboard: Michael's, party hat: diy using this template from jones design company, pink polka dot straws: Sweet Social, plastic milk glasses: Confetti & Sparkle Party Shop, 36" pink balloons: Confetti & Sparkle Party Shop


Reading Nook & A Few Faves

This is Alice's new favourite place to play. It makes me so happy to see her using this little reading nook in her nursery and that she is finally enjoying books for something other than a chew toy :)

Reading nook - 2

Here are a few books we are currently loving:

1) Mortimer 2) Dwell Studio Touch and Feel Farm (or any touch and feel book really) 3) Grumpy Bird 4) The Game of Finger Worms 5) The Gruffalo 6) Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? **

I also have this, this and this one on order for Christmas. Yep, I've officially started my shopping, I have some lofty goals to get it done before December this year, though I say that every year and it never happens ;)

We're always looking for new books, any good ones to share?

Happy Friday!

** disclosure: amazon affiliate links.

Around Here...

random fact: apparently helium thrives in the cold, new play kitchen, birthday girl!, hanging with my pal Dajana at our husbands' work party, that's TWO days of snow right there, party crafting, sunday dinner, party supplies, edmonton got a j.crew factory store!!

super baby, date night, rocking her sweater onesie (as only a baby could), first trip to the salon, freshly trimmed bangs, family dinner date, I made a table!, butternut squash soup, play dates with good friends.

Alice and I have been hit with a bit of stomach bug this week. We're on the mend and so, so thankful Mike took yesterday off work to take care of us. I have a ton of photos from Alice's birthday party to share, but for now my immediate goals are mustering up the energy to get dressed and look after a one year old. It might just be another jammie day today....


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Reminscing... One Year Ago

As Alice's first birthday approaches, I can't help but reminsce about where I was just a short year ago and how drastically life has changed. A year ago today, I was pregnant, 8 days overdue and an emotional wreck. It wouldn't be for two more days that our darling daughter would grace us with her presence. So many people told me the baby would come, "when it was good and ready" but man, oh man, was I ready. I get emotional now just thinking about that last week, sore, tired, anxious, desperately excited to meet our little baby. It was hard but so, so worth the wait.

Here I am at 40 weeks smiling on the outside...


And a look at the journey... good lord, it's crazy how much our bodies can stretch!


Becoming a parent has got to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It's definitely challenging and tiring (what's free time again??), but incredibly rewarding. I can't imagine our life without her.

What a crazy year!


First Birthday Invite

So, it's here. Alice is turning one this week! It's a crazy rollercoaster of mixed emotions for this mama - it's gone so fast, I can't believe she's one, where did my baby go?? I'm not sure if it was due to busyness or just denial, but I sorta procrastinated with the party. I mean I've had a whole year to plan, yet here I am days before the party scrambling to craft, shop, and decorate. Good thing I work well under pressure and, who am I kidding, I totally love doing it.

After much struggle we decided to keep the guest list small. Part of me wanted to run around the whole town screaming, "we made it! come celebrate!!", but after sitting down and realizing that we have giant extended families we decided a 70 person party just wasn't in the cards. It'll be a quiet afternoon with immediate family, a few close friends and lots and lots of pink!!

Here's a look at the invitations I designed for the occasion:


As you can see a pink polka dot party is in the works! I'm hoping there won't be toooo many late nights getting stuff done this week, wish me luck!!


A First Halloween

I've never been a huge halloween fan. It's not that I dislike it, I just never got excited to dress up or do anything every year. But with that said, I think this day has taken on whole new meaning now that I can celebrate with a little one.

I made my first ever costume this year. Yes, I sewed something more than a pillow, it's sort of a miracle. It was a labour of love and it was worth all the time and energy to see how adorable my little Alice in Wonderland looked.


Our Halloween started off with a party with some friends. You have to pop on over to pinksugarland to see all the party details and her kids' awesome costumes. That girl has talent. Thanks so much for having us, Andrea!

Thank goodness we had that indoor party to go to this year because poor Alice in Wonderland would have been lost under layers and layers of clothing. The obligatory "outdoor costume" was definitely needed this year. It was a cold one. We made it to about three family members houses before calling it a night.


I think I might just like this Halloween thing now, hope you all had a great night too!!