Want, Need, Wear, Read: For Boys

As I mentioned in this post, we are attempting to simplify Christmas this year by implementing the 'four gift rule' - something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

First up were the girls and today is some inspiration for the little man in your life...

WANT: Plan Toys Build a Robot* NEED: Dwell Studio Galaxy Dust Duvet
WEAR: Stars Shirt & Bowtie READ: This is Not My Hat
 by Jon Klassen

And some people say boys are no fun to shop for? pfft.

Check out the four gift guide for girls here.


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  1. love this! especially since i have only boys!:-)

  2. LOVE those sheets. I will keep them dog-eared for when my guy is a bit older.

  3. Love all of your picks! I almost bought that shirt for H last time I was out shopping and now I am kicking myself that I didn't! And we love Jon Klassen's newest book - so cheeky :)

    1. H would look adorable in that shirt, Morgan. I love that it comes with the bowtie too!

  4. Oh, I agree! Boys are so fun to shop for.
    I actually much prefer it for the infant stage.
    I mean, there's not much that can beat dressing up a baby like they're 75.
    {Plus I'm a little happy for a break from the pink.}


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