Pillow Hunt: Society 6

As I mentioned the other day I'm on the hunt for some accessories for the new sofa and I got lost in the rabbit hole that is society 6 (holy cow, that site is hu-uge). There are so many awesome, unique pillow covers (and iPhone cases and art prints) designed by independent artists you could literally spend hours perusing the site. I still have no coherent plan or colour scheme decided, but here are few random goodies that caught my eye.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

Soo many options, how many is too many pillows in one house!?


New Living Room Sofa!

Guys, we got a new sofa. I know that doesn't sound super exciting, but I'm 30 years old and this was our first ever sofa purchase. I know. Crazy. Somehow we managed to score some decent hand me downs and just made them work up until now. "Find new couches" has been on the house wish list for years and I'm so glad we finally got one.

Here she is in all her glory in our living room. It's the 'Lure Sofa' from Urban Barn.


One step closer to ridding the main floor of all that boring builder beige. I'm super motivated now to paint and find new throw pillows to bring some colour into the mix. I've been browsing etsy for some covers and tonic living for fabrics (may attempt to make another pillow). What are your go-to sources for throw pillows?

And for the sake of keepin' it real, here's what was hiding over in the corner while I took the photo...



Around Here...

Forgive the repeat for those of you who already follow me on instagram, but through the ups and downs it's nice to see the good bits of the last few weeks all jumbled together. At least I know the grandma's will like it ; ) Here's a bit of what's been going on around here...

go oilers go, intense colouring session, the only way dinner gets made some most days, new sofa!, a steal from home sense, baby approved chair, stickers with dad, hanging out at the john janzen nature centre, discovering the coolest thing ever - a book with buttons (aka my kindle).

good morning sunshine, first haircut, visiting justine at the mercer collective, snow elf, can't resist that cute thing, some light reading, new earrings, vday card, handmade art from my little artist.

Happy Sunday.

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Big / Little Style: Hearts

I can't tell you how many times I've walked out the door only to notice I've dressed Alice and myself in almost the exact same outfit. I swear it's not intentional, you know if you feel like stripes, you feel like stripes.

There are so many stylish looks out there that work for both you and your kiddo, it's so easy to take inspiration from each other. I shopped our closets for some of our fave matching looks. Whether your choose to be twinsies or not is up to you ;) We may or may not accidentally go to the grocery store like this.


jeans: j.crew
watch: target
necklace: joe fresh (old, similar here)
shirt: j.crew on clearance (similar here)
heart sweater: j.crew factory (not available online any more, similar here)

leggings: old navy
shoes: toms (got mine 50% off locally here!)
heart shirt: h&m

And some bonus hearts for the little man in your life here...

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only mama/daughter, mama/son twins out there, am I right?

Happy Family Day!

It's family day here in Alberta, which means one extra day to hang out all morning in our pyjamas. I hope you all enjoyed your loved ones today, happy family day!


Also, our pink polka dot party was featured over at Love the Day last week, thanks so much Lindi for the feature!

Happy Monday, peeps.


Loving... Nooks

Aren't these little nooks by Jen and Sarah amazing!? I am loving these cozy play areas under the stairs so much. I want one. Like for me.

Top images & play area by Jennifer at Rambling Renovators  (pop over to see the rest),
bottom image & play area by Sarah, one of my fav pinners and IG'ers (obsessed with those decals too).

Those kiddos are so lucky :) Have a good weekend all!


Crafternoon Craft Tutorial: Cupid's Arrow

Alright, one last bit of valentine's craftiness before love day tomorrow. Here's the other craft that I tackled during our crafternoon - a simple cupid's arrow.



- paper for hearts
- heart punch
- feathers (available at Michael's or dollar store)
- glue gun
- washi tape
- wooden dowels (available at Michael's or I got mine at Dollarama)
- paint (optional)

step 1:
- you can paint the wooden dowels for extra colour if you like. I was going to but, well, I got lazy and I kinda like them au natural.

step 2:
- cut out hearts.

step 3:
- take two hearts and glue together at the tip of the wooden dowel. Don't put the stick too close to the end of the hearts so that the paper can meet and lie flat.

step 4:
- glue feathers to end of wooden dowel. I found it easiest to lay the feather down, put glue on it and then place the wood stick onto the glue. Repeat on other side.

step 5:
- wrap some fancy washi tape around end of dowel.


tada! An arrow!

Throw them in a jar for a quick centrepiece, add a name tag for a cute place card or glue them on some paper and frame them up! I haven't had any time to go full out decorating this year, but here's some quick iPhone snaps of them on my mantel.

Cupid's arrows

In case you missed it, you can find details from the crafternoon here and the heart garland craft here.

Phew! That's it for the crafting for a while... till next holiday. Have you done any love day crafting this year?


Crafternoon Craft Tutorial: Paper Heart Garland

Thanks so much for all your comments on last week's crafternoon. It was my first (and hopefully not last) time doing it "party style" so I wanted to keep the crafts super simple. This heart garland was just that. It's the kind of mindless activity you can manage while chatting, sipping your drink, and chasing after your kids. Seriously.

Here's the rundown...

- Card stock paper cut into 1.25" strips
- stapler
yep, that's it!

step 1:
- cut paper into 1.25" strips (they don't have to be perfect, you won't be able to tell)

step 2:
- fold paper strips in half

step 3:
- take two strips and stack them together
- staple the 'v' of both strips

step 4:
- fold bottom strip to form heart and insert into your next strip
- staple the 'v' of both strips (hooray a heart!)

- repeat until you've reached desired length

OR... staple, fold, repeat!


Easy peasy! Thanks to the scrumpets crumpets blog for the original idea for the craft and to my lovely sister for killing it as a hand model.

They look really cute hung vertically in a window or horizontally across the mantel. I haven't actually done any decorating yet, haha, so you'll have to take my word for it or try it yourself ;)

Happy crafting!


Around Here...

a random craving that alice was hoping was for her, yu-mmy, ready for a nap after a long night with a sick babe, cotton candy for dessert? yes, please, seriously this kid is cah-razy about shopping, alice insisted on pushing lila in the sled, ice slide!, a little stow away I found in my scarf of all places, snack time.


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A Valentine's Crafternoon

While Mike and I don't normally celebrate valentine's day, I will take any holiday as an excuse to get crafty! I'm much more likely to tackle this with the motivation of others so last Tuesday a few ladies/kids came over for a valentine's day crafternoon.

I'll be honest, I had zero expectations of getting anything done! With a one year old running around and hosting duties, the chances of accomplishing much was slim to none. Surprisingly, that actually made it more fun–– no worries about finishing anything, it was just a time to hang out, relax, and staple some paper...


Lots of snacks, cookies, candy, wine (it was past noon, I swear)... a pretty perfect afternoon I must say.


Things got messy in a really, really good way. With kiddos, supplies, and paper everywhere there was no way we were all going to fit at that table - luckily the floor works and kept the kids somewhat entertained wondering what the heck we were up to.


We kept most of the crafts pretty simple, I'll try and post some tutorials as soon as I can so stay tuned!

I totally encourage you to do something like this with your friends, it was so fun. I've already been told that I need to have another one for my friends who work during the day!

Thanks to all the great ladies (and kids) who came to craft with me!


update: See the tutorials for the crafts we made here:
Cupid's Arrow
Paper Heart Garland

New Blog Look!

I am soooo happy to finally cross this off my to-do list. I had planned to have my blog re-design finished before I attended the Blend Event in September (woops) and when that didn't happen it kinda just fell off the list altogether. But I've been coding and designing my butt off this month and I'm happy to say my new blog design is finally live!


Special thanks to my pal, Justine (paperhearts studio), who hand crafted the beautiful new just bella logo and for being a great sounding/testing board while I worked. I'm still doing a few minor tweaks, but it's so much more organized and easier to navigate now. Ahhhh, feels good.

Let me know what you think or if you find any bugs.
Thank you!!