Crafternoon Craft Tutorial: Cupid's Arrow

Alright, one last bit of valentine's craftiness before love day tomorrow. Here's the other craft that I tackled during our crafternoon - a simple cupid's arrow.



- paper for hearts
- heart punch
- feathers (available at Michael's or dollar store)
- glue gun
- washi tape
- wooden dowels (available at Michael's or I got mine at Dollarama)
- paint (optional)

step 1:
- you can paint the wooden dowels for extra colour if you like. I was going to but, well, I got lazy and I kinda like them au natural.

step 2:
- cut out hearts.

step 3:
- take two hearts and glue together at the tip of the wooden dowel. Don't put the stick too close to the end of the hearts so that the paper can meet and lie flat.

step 4:
- glue feathers to end of wooden dowel. I found it easiest to lay the feather down, put glue on it and then place the wood stick onto the glue. Repeat on other side.

step 5:
- wrap some fancy washi tape around end of dowel.


tada! An arrow!

Throw them in a jar for a quick centrepiece, add a name tag for a cute place card or glue them on some paper and frame them up! I haven't had any time to go full out decorating this year, but here's some quick iPhone snaps of them on my mantel.

Cupid's arrows

In case you missed it, you can find details from the crafternoon here and the heart garland craft here.

Phew! That's it for the crafting for a while... till next holiday. Have you done any love day crafting this year?



  1. Oh I really love these! Good job : )

  2. Oh wow, those are so great, Christine! I love how cheery and colourful they are. Happy Valentine's Day :-) I hope your day has been awesome!

  3. LOVE! I did arrows too this year. so cute and yet so simple. I painted the dowels and that was a pain. ugh. Andrea was so smart using the straws-next year, next year. ;)


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