Big / Little Style: Pop of Neon

Although things aren't looking very springy lately, I'm doing my best to dress the part anyway. Well, as much as possible while living in a winter wonderland.

Here are some outfits that strike a balance of winter wear and spring brights with neon pants for the kids and a pop of neon accessories for the grown ups. I didn't think I could quite pull off neon pants at thirty years old ;)


denim jacket: banana republic factory store (similar)
shoes: toms desert wedges
pants: anthropologie, old (similar)
top: zara
necklace: h&m (similar here and here)
nail polish: sparitual 'melt with you'

jacket: joe fresh
jeans: gap
moccasins: joe fresh
sunglasses: old navy (similar)
top: joe fresh, they still have these in store just not online (similar)

And some neon for the little man in your life here, here and here (don't be afraid to shop the little girls section!)

Anyone else embracing some spring brights lately?


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Around Here..."Spring"

This usually happens this time of year, spring begins and we're still stranded here in a winter wonderland. It's inevitable in this town, seriously, it happens every year and every year we act surprised/annoyed. I'll be honest, I am done with winter. I'm so ready for light jackets, open toed shoes and days spent outside. But in the meantime, I'll try and stay positive and see the beauty in this recent spring blizzard.


Ya, it's pretty (as is grass ;)

How's your spring shaping up?


DIY Heart Elbow Patches

So, this idea for diy elbow patches is definitely not new. I've seen variations floating all over pinterest, on many a fashion blogger's elbow and most recently on the small fry blog with their diy no-sew knee patches. I was particularly inspired by the no-sew part of their project. I don't have a ton of free time these days so quick and easy is always up my alley (and much better for the creative soul than cleaning, am I right?)

I used a combination of all the great ideas out there and got to work using some scrap felt I had lying around from Alice's mobile. It took a whopping 10 minutes to complete.

DIY heart elbow patches
DIY heart elbow patches

It was so easy, here's how to make your own:

DIY heart elbow patches

- long sleeved shirt
- fabric glue (available at any craft store, I got mine at wal-mart)
- cookie cutters for shapes (or you can freehand if you're crazy like that)
- tape
- scissors
- scrap fabric* (I used a soft felt)

*be warned, you might want to finish the edges (zig zag stitch or hand sew) if you use a fabric that will fray, you could also try pinking sheers to avoid fray. This was one of the reasons I chose the felt, I read jersey was good for no fray as well.

step 1:
- Put the shirt on and mark where you want the patch to go on your (or your kiddo's) elbow using tape or chalk. Good luck if your child is 16 months old like mine.

step 2:
- trace your shape onto felt. I recommend using a soft felt so it will bend nicely with the elbow.

step 3:
- cut out two identical shapes.

step 4:
- cover the back of heart with fabric glue. Make sure to really get all the edges so there is no lifting of the fabric. I used an old paint brush to apply so I could get good coverage.

step 5:
- apply to your marked spot on the shirt, press down firmly, secure with some washi tape or a heavy book and let dry according to glue directions (mine was 48 hours before wearing).

And you're done!

DIY heart elbow patches

It was darn near impossible to get a shot of an active tornado, I mean toddler. The elbows aren't the most stable part of her body and I think she was confused why I kept trying to get behind her. You get the jist ;)

DIY heart elbow patches

I'm linking up to Holly's 'scrap week' party over at in the fun lane. This girl is an endless supply of creativity and I have her to thank for the motivation on this project. Thanks, Holly! Hop on over to see some more great ideas to use up all your old fabric scraps.


Winner! Roots to Branches Toque

We have a winner.... Congratulations to Reagan who won the knit whimsy toque from Roots to Branches. Yay! You are going to love it.


Thank you so much to Anna for the giveaway and to all those who entered. If you still want one of your own head on over to her shop, there are some seriously lovely goodies over there.

Happy Weekend,

* winner generated using

Sweet Talking Pillows

Yep, still have pillows on the brain. Except today all I can do is look at these and think about putting my head down and sleeping It's been a long week (seriously, how is it only Wednesday) and I'm freakin' exhausted. I do my best to keep things positive over here but I need a nap, and a vacation, and maybe a house cleaner. I almost titled this post 'too tired to blog' with a photo of me with my head on my desk. Riveting stuff, huh?

Anyways, enough complaining. Upwards and onwards to pretty pillows! I've come across so many great pillows since starting my search for the living room and I cannot make a decision! These ones from Chapters/Indigo are pretty awesome, I love it when my pillows talk sweet to me...

one, two, three, four

Have a great rest of your week, I'm off for more coffee.

p.s. have you entered the giveaway yet?

Giveaway: Knit Whimsy Toque

We've been getting the odd tease day where you can imagine days of no coats, no toques and no more fighting to keep mittens on, but the reality is it's still winter around these parts. I can allllmost see spring around the corner and we are taking advantage of every day we can to get outside. Alice is crazy about walks, or runs in her case. We take either the sled or the wagon and the minute you set her free she is off running.


I picked up this little toque from the Mercer Collective Market a few weeks back. I love it so much, Alice looks like a little snow elf running around. It is handmade by the lovely Anna of Roots to Branches, she had a great booth with the cutest knit goodies (I'm in love with the moustache sweater). She is super talented, incredibly sweet and you are going to like her even more because she so kindly agreed to offer a toque to one of you! Scroll on down to enter...


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Roots to Branches for the giveaway, I'm so excited to share such a great local business. Be sure to check out her blog and shop, good luck!

Contest closes Friday, March 15.

The Travel Itch - NYC??

It's been nearly a year since our last big vacations (Victoria and Mississippi) and I've got the itch. Mike and I will be celebrating five whole years of marriage this June and want to escape somewhere just us two. We're thinking maybe New York...

Any recommendations where to stay, eat, or do in the big apple?? Have you been, did you love, am I going to be insanely disappointed with how little I can afford... spill.


And don't be shy, I want to hear all of your fav cities for an extended weekend getaway!

p.s. have you seen these awesome retro city children's books? Maybe we can start instilling the travel bug in Alice early. The illustrations are pretty stinkin' adorable.

Thanks, y'all!

Big / Little Style: Dots & Florals

I may have had a little too much fun dressing up my floor with my last big/little style post. Alice and I have no shortage of accidental twin outfits so I thought I'd make it a regular feature around here. It's a great way to share our style without any actual shots of my awkward self or a blurry toddler and hopefully it inspires you too. Next up, polka dots and florals...


top: mexx outlet, clearance (similar herehere or here)
scarf: zara (no longer online, similar)
pants: zara
bracelets: vintage 'alice' bracelet, etsy and old cheapie (similar)
nail polish: joe fresh
shoes: calvin klein yana wedges, winners (similar)

top: baby boy section, h&m
skirt: joe fresh, old (similar here or here)
scarf: joe fresh, old
shoes: old navy
suspenders: mexx (though it has to be said I got mine at the factory store for $2!!, I'm a sucker for a sale).

and, of course, some polka dots for the little man in your life...

These are totally outfits we both wear except for the fact that that scarf might last a total of 10 seconds at this age. Oh and replace those fancy wedges with a pair of rubber boots. I cannot wait until bare foot weather is finally here, I am so sick of wearing socks! Come on spring!


Food on the Brain

Random Food Thoughts - 01

1) Ok, this is life changing. Stick your poached chicken in the kitchenaid for the fastest shredding ever.

2) This baked creamy chicken taquito recipe has been in regular rotation lately. I've been using medium sized tortillas for more meal sized tacos. So good.

3) "Magic Dessert" (aka chocolately medjool date squares) from Food Happy. Sorta healthy, super easy. I'm intrigued. (image via food happy)

Are you hungry yet?? Just some random foodie thoughts for this Friday, hope you all have a great weekend!