Sweet Talking Pillows

Yep, still have pillows on the brain. Except today all I can do is look at these and think about putting my head down and sleeping all.day.long. It's been a long week (seriously, how is it only Wednesday) and I'm freakin' exhausted. I do my best to keep things positive over here but I need a nap, and a vacation, and maybe a house cleaner. I almost titled this post 'too tired to blog' with a photo of me with my head on my desk. Riveting stuff, huh?

Anyways, enough complaining. Upwards and onwards to pretty pillows! I've come across so many great pillows since starting my search for the living room and I cannot make a decision! These ones from Chapters/Indigo are pretty awesome, I love it when my pillows talk sweet to me...

one, two, three, four

Have a great rest of your week, I'm off for more coffee.

p.s. have you entered the giveaway yet?


  1. Hey Christine - I hear you on the long week, the need for a vacation and such, life just seems way too busy. However, on the positive note....I am in love with all of these pillows, the 3rd one seems so fitting for our weather these days on the Wet Coast, and the 4th one is a good reminder for me as a mom. Hope the rest of your week gets better!

  2. yes, long week(s) indeed! Love how you turned this around into a positive post (I also hate complaining on my blog...maybe why I Haven't posted as much lately? haha) Going to check out the giveaway now (I have no recollection of if I entered or not). tomorrow's thursday.

  3. Aw, sorry it's been such a rough week. Wishing you lots of rest {and lots more coffee} to get you through the week. xo, A.

  4. Look Beautiful and I love the messages :)

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  5. If I had any wine left (I couldn't even type that w/out chuckling...me, have wine leftover, please) or fun tea or coffee drink at the ready I would send it right over. So sorry it's been such a rough week & it's only half over! If you need to vent to a somewhat anonymous internet friend, you know where to find me =] Much love to you, xoxo.

    P.S. That last pillow needs to come live w/ me so I can whisper sweet words to it.

  6. totally thought about buying that "to the moon and back" pillow for jack's room.... and it's still on my mind!

    however, i am loving #3, about the storms.....so true and such a beautiful reminder!

  7. I love these. I'm digging your pillow style!! I was wondering where people were getting these pillows and now I know. Keep them coming!


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