Keepin' It Real: Slow Progress Report

I don't know what it is but I've lost steam on my office update. Fancy polka dot walls - check! Gold desk IKEA hack - check! Anything else..... ummm, woops! I seem to have come to a stand still.

Maybe it's the weather that is keeping me away? You know, the constant call to get outside and enjoy the summer while it lasts. Maybe it's the piles of random crap lying everywhere begging to be organized? The art to be framed? Things are definitely coming along sloooowly.

I've got a lot of tedious stuff to do in there, like organize, clean and move out some pretty heavy furniture that I have no idea where I'm going to put it. I'll plan on tackling something in the room after Alice is in bed, but once 7:30 rolls around I am exhausted. I don't know how some people do it.

There's also that "blogger's guilt" for getting you all excited about a project and then nothing. Sorry, guys. Do you ever lose steam on a project? How do you stay focused? Please tell me I'm not the only one? I was so excited about the room, and I still am, I just need to find that motivation to get going again.

Here's a look at what I'm talking about:

office update: slow progress

Just keepin' it real.

And blogging/playing instead of working on that room ;) ha!


EQ3 Blogger's Style

Our nursery chair from EQ3 is one of the most used spots in our home. We seriously sit there to read everyday and I am so happy we found that chair (believe me, it was a tough search). EQ3 has such great style, quality, prices and they're Canadian! It's safe to say I'm a fan, so you can imagine how excited I was when they contacted me to be their 'blogger of the month'! Sign me up! 

Earlier this month I shared my thoughts on the 'Bliss Table Lamp' and today I am over at the EQ3 Inhabit blog sharing the lamp all styled up in my home. I would love it if you would pop on over to check it out!

Nightstand Styling, EQ3 Bliss Table Lamp

Thank you so much for having me, EQ3!


bliss table lamp: EQ3
nightstand: ikea hack, old (similar)
glass knobs: vintage
'only happy thoughts' print: ss print shop
one line a day journal: amazon
bowl: anthropologie, old (similar)

Big / Little Style: Sparkly Sandals

I had originally planned on taking a photo of us actually wearing these sandals. You know tiny toes for extra cute factor, but then I realized there was absolutely no way Alice would willingly stand still/pose for this. Maybe one day she'll be into blog posts... ha! You can just imagine how much cuter these sandals are with those tiny toes poking out, k?

Normally I try to make our big/little style posts coordinate and not be too matchy, matchy, but these sandals were just too perfect to pass up. Sparkles all around...

Big / Little Style: sparkly sandals

sandals: joe fresh

sandals: target


See more big / little style posts here.

*post contains some affiliate links

Scenes from Toronto

Alice and I jet set off to Toronto for Auntie Laura's bridal shower this past weekend. Like most things with a toddler, it was a bit of a whirlwind but definitely well worth the quick trip....

Scenes from Toronto
high tea with a toddler is anything but dainty, beautiful place setting, amazing bridal shower venue (random fact: the movie billy madison was filmed here), playing in the rain, view of the CN tower, this shot about sums up three meals a day in a restaurant, exploring, auntie "oreo", hotel rooftop. 

We definitely learned a few things for when we head back for the wedding, see you again soon Toronto!


p.s. any good tips for traveling with kids?

Spreading the Love

I can't tell you how many lovely people I've "met" through blogs and instagram. I'm so thankful for these inspiring and creative influences and the sense of community and opportunities that come along with it. There are just some darn nice peeps out there. This week just bella was featured as EQ3's blogger of the month on facebook where I share one of my fav EQ3 accessories. Pop on over here to check it out and stay tuned to see what I get up to for part two!

Also, Honey We're Home featured my Gold Desk Ikea Hack on her blog. It was such a sweet surprise (a whole post for just me!?). Thank you for making me smile, Megan :)

I'm definitely feeling the love (thanks, y'all) so I wanted to spread that love and share a few lovely things I've come across lately... enough about me already!

Spreading the Love

- watermelon wine pops - we had a scorcher of a week and I'm not complaining, but one of these would have been amazing!

- this four generations session by White Linen Photographers featuring Sara and the beautiful ladies in her family blew my mind. It's so awesome, there is something so special about mama/daughter love, isn't there?

- big happy anniversary hug to my pals Dajana & Scott! They shared their ten for a happy marriage and I am definitely taking notes! They are such a sweet couple and I'm thankful for their friendship. The lucky ducks just got back from an anniversary trip to Charleston and I'm dying to see pics!!

- also loving "the bubble".

Happy fourth of July to all my american friends and family out there! Eat a hot dog for me or something, k.


Baby snuggles

It's been a crazy busy, exciting long weekend around here. My beautiful niece was born on Friday and I couldn't be happier. Holding that little babe in my arms makes me realize how fleeting time is and makes me miss those baby days. Everyone tells you to enjoy how much they sleep during the days while you can but, oh man, I wish I could go back and tell this to myself just one more time.

Newborns cuddle, sleep, stay in one place, are there when you left them... it almost (almost) seems relaxing compared to the noisy, whirlwind days with a toddler. The days where I plop down on the couch at the end of the day and realize this is the first time I've sat down all day. It's exhausting. Am I the only one who looks back thinking, if I'd only known how easy it was?? haha, okay maybe not easy but different.

Look at how cute and tiny she is!

baby Norah

Congratulations Michelle and Adam, baby Norah is perfect and we love her so much already. I plan on being around for lots and lots of baby snuggles.


p.s. the exhausted tone of this post may have been influenced by the fact that Mike's been away these past four days on a fishing trip. ha!

p.p.s. Happy Canada Day!!