BlogPodium 2013

You know what I love best about the internet? It's awesome at bringing amazing, talented, like-minded people together like they've known each other for years. This is what BlogPodium was for me, a weekend spent hanging out with some pretty cool people I felt like I already "knew".

Throw in some amazing speakers, insightful sessions, stylish brands and you've got yourself a pretty awesome day. Jennifer Flores and her team did a spectacular job of organizing this event connecting design and lifestyle bloggers and I am so thankful I could be a part of it.

Blog Podium Annawithlove Photography-0031-L
photo above by the talented annawithlove

I learned a ton of practical and inspiring tips but, most importantly, I learned to be confident in my passion, to embrace blogging and to be unapologetically me. Who knows where things will take me but I'm enjoying the journey and I'm excited do my own thing and to see where it will lead next.

BlogPodium Speakers
photos above by the talented annawithlove: keynote speaker sarah richardson, wise words from kid rock via stephanie sterjovski,
 keynote panel - rhonda riche, jacquelyn clark, emma reddington, margot austin, leigh-ann allaire perreault.

Blog Podium Annawithlove Photography-9649-L
photo above by the talented annawithlove: michelle, tim, sara, julie, victoria, me

Blogging has always been a hobby for me, a creative outlet, a passion. I love doing it and I love connecting with awesome people who "get it". There's nothing like explaining your blog to someone who doesn't read blogs at all... it's awkward and honestly, sometimes I feel self-conscious about it. I am learning to let that go and to focus on what makes me happy. It was awesome to be with my peeps who are in it, live it and love it.

Thank you to all of you that I met (and those that I didn't cause I know you're awesome too) for being so real and down to earth... group hug!! See, these blog conferences just leave you with the warm fuzzies :)


I also have to say a huge thank you to a wonderful group of ladies I met up with on Friday - AndreaSaraJulieAna and Lisa. Thank you for being so lovely, fun and for easing my nerves heading into a whirlwind weekend.

Blogger Meetup

If you're a blogger or have any interest in blogging, I'd highly recommend checking out BlogPodium next year. Heck, even if you're not a blogger everyone was so nice you might as well pop in for the party... you won't regret it.



p.s. If you want to read more and hear more tips and insights, BlogPodium has a fantastic roundup of blogger recaps from the event.


  1. You are a gem Christine!! So glad that we got to meet & hang out! :) xoxo

  2. it was so lovely to meet you in person Christine, you have to come visit again and you have to tell me when you do so we can meet up again!

  3. Your pics are lovely, as always! It sounds like such an amazing, empowering event (brava Jennifer & team). I get you on this blogging thing. Sometimes I even change the subject when I awkwardly try to explain my blog to non-readers/non-bloggers. Then I feel bad b/c I've "met" so many wonderful peeps thru this; it deserves more of my respect ;-)

    I'm excited & honored to be on this journey with you, friend!! xoxo

  4. I just love this!!! so glad you had a great time...and you really nailed it how you described blogging and the community of it all. You look adorable...and how cute is Sarah!?!?!??

  5. It was so amazing to meet you!!!! Such a great recap, so many great points! I'm looking forward to no longer being "embarrassed" about blogging, because it is what I do!

  6. Beautifully written! I totally understand what you mean about feeling sheepish or embarrassed to talk about your blog with non-bloggers. I get the same I'm apologetic for my choice of hobbies. I don't know why - I mean why is it any less cool than listening to music, going golfing, or!

    You've always been so good at making this blog your own and being YOU. I love that about you and Just Bella ;) As long as you're blogging, Christine, I'll always be following along with you on the journey. Cheers, Friend!

  7. SO happy to have met you sweet girl. You are a beautiful person and i love your blog! Happy to be following you now :) xo


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