Shop Girl: Jenna, Plum Home + Design

I kicked off the new 'shop girl' feature with the lovely ladies of Charlie Ford Vintage and today I am so excited to share one of Edmonton's local gems, Plum Home + Design. Run by interior decorator (and mum-to-be!), Jenna Pryor, this shop is gorgeous and is one of my favourite places to pop in and peruse some pretties. I swear I walk around a minimum of four times when I'm there just to catch everything.

Jenna is sweet, talented and I'm so happy to introduce her to you today...

Shop Girl: Plum Home + Design

Jenna: I started out having spent almost a decade being an event planner, having spent so long planning events, planning spaces was a natural transition. When I had my first place my desire to create beautiful spaces took over and I decided to go back to school to become a certified interior decorator.

I opened my store after finding it difficult to find beautiful and really unique decor pieces in Edmonton. It's also a nice way for Edmontonians to get to know who I am and what I do.

How do you juggle your interior design business with running your shop?
J: Juggling is the perfect description! It keeps me very busy but I'm fortunate to have an amazing husband and family that support me. The two businesses are so closely intertwined so each day I can't help but work on both of them. It's not a Monday - Friday kind of job but when you love what you do like I do it never (well almost never) feels like work.

Plum Home + Design

How did you come up with your shop name 'Plum Home + Design'?
J: My family is English and when things are "plum" they are just right and where they are supposed to be. That's what I wanted my store to feel like, peaceful and just right.

J: That's the best part of my job, there is no such thing as typical. I work with clients Monday - Friday and run the retail store Tuesday - Sunday which means each day brings new adventures. From finding the perfect fabric to dealing with a marble installation crisis, each day brings it's own surprises and I wouldn't have it any other way. Last week I unpacked a 20' container in the morning and then did a tv interview, seriously every day is VERY different.

Plum Home + Design

You recently got back from a buying trip to the UK. I think it's so cool how you travel abroad to source vintage goods for your shop, what made you decide to do this (and how much fun is that)?!
J: It is so much fun! It's a lot of hard work but I'm fortunate that I get to do it with someone I love, my business partner, my mum!

I go to Europe because I'm driven to find things that nobody has ever seen and bring back beautiful things at reasonable prices. Beauty, quality and originality should be available to everyone. By going to Europe I hope we bring back those specious pieces that people cherish and enjoy in their homes.

Plum Home + Design

Along with great new and vintage items you also feature a ton of local artists in your shop, why do you think this is important?
J: Local artists always have their pulse on the newest trends, in my experience they are also a creative and dynamic group of people and who doesn't want to support that? What they create always surprises me and I'm happy to be a place that Edmontonians can come and support local artists.

Best advice to those pursuing their dreams?
Find something you are passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it. - Julia Child

Jenna - Plum Home + Design


J: I can't choose just one, how about 3?
- I just bought an mahogany dresser c1830 in England on our last trip. It's huge, impractical and I love it.
- My Staffordshire Dog, c1860 it makes me smile every time I see it on my bookshelf.
- My Beswick collection, I've been collecting cream Beswicks for over a decade. My mother has been collecting them for 20. It's part of my childhood memories and hopefully part of my children's.

J: Italian bakery Bismarck donuts! Bare in mind that at this stage in pregnancy bake goods are the way to my heart! An insider tip you have to order them ahead of time they sell our by 8:30 am!

But when it comes to design without a doubt: pillows, I can't help myself I change them every few months. A few new pillows can change an entire room. That's why my store always has new pillows every few weeks.

3. FAVOURITE place to hang out in Edmonton?
J: For me hanging out is about good food and good company so I'm currently obsessed with Under the High Wheel, they have the best waffles and I can always find someone to come with me.

J: Such a tough question... Ecmothdesign (IG), Rambling Renovators, Just Bella :), Design Maze, Elliven Studio, Little House blog, Justinemadesign (IG), Hellofashionblog (IG), and Doctorscloset (IG)

5. FAVOURITE never-fail design trick?
J: Every room needs a hit of black. Many of my clients shy away from it, but once I've added a touch of black in the space they see how it grounds the space. Every space also needs a bit of history. I never consider a space complete until I bring in something that's been around longer than the home. Even in a modern home it always works.

Can you believe she is juggling all this AND is 8 months pregnant!? I can't wait to see her nursery come together, it's going to be amazing. Thank you so much for being here, Jenna. I'm so happy to share such a local treasure and to learn more about the girl that makes it all happen. Also, I'm sooo excited for those waffles she mentioned (waffle date is on for this Friday!).

If you're in Edmonton be sure to pop into her shop and p.s. it's down the street from my favourite bakery! What are you waiting for?


Shop: Plum Home + Design, 12407 108 Ave, Edmonton, AB
Blog: Polished Plum
Instagram: @plumhd
Twitter: @plumintdesign
Facebook: Plum Home + Design

photo credits: Debbie Boccabella


  1. If I ever complain about how tired or busy I am, you have full permission to shout "JENNA" at me to put things into perspective. Amaaazing how she juggles everything & whilst preggo!! Beautiful store, such beautiful treasures!
    (Loving this series.)

    1. Hahahah this made me laugh! I'm going to do the same thing and shout JENNA when I think I can't get it all done!

  2. Amazing store and very talented lady! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. this really is a lovely shop! I love stopping in for a peek at her new goodies and no matter what, I always leave with some fun cards.

  4. I basically love all Jenna's IG favourites and can't wait for the debut of her wee one. xo

    1. She's got great taste and I'm SO excited for her wee one too!

  5. Great feature Christine! I'm going to really love these posts, especially the local ones! It feels so much better getting to know the face behind the store.

    Love Plum and look forward to waffle loving Baby Plum!

  6. Lovely store.. great write-up! Now I'm looking forward to a trip to Edmonton when we're back stateside!

    1. You will definitely have to hit up Plum if you are ever in Edmonton!

  7. Wow Christine, I am so honoured to be featured on your amazing blog! Clearly I'm hormonal because the comments made me get teary eyed!


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