Spreading the Love...

Spreading the Love

This week I want to spread the love to some peeps who truly inspire me to dream big, reach for my goals, focus on family, and all round do what makes you happy. Big hugs to all you ladies!!

- My pal Sara is a rockstar. This past year she quit her day job, followed her dreams and started an event company, Top Knot Events. How great is her first ever styled shoot? Plaid, tulle, and lace up boots together at last *swoon*.

- My other pal, Sarah (with the 'h') is also a constant source of inspiration to me. Seriously this girl has creativity out the wazoo and never ceases to amaze me with all she accomplishes while caring for three adorable kiddos. She started a new blog this month, go check it out!

- Have you heard of the 52 week project? 1 portrait a week for a whole year - a brilliant idea to document these fleeting days of childhood (well, fleeting for us adults!). I've talked about how I want to take more photos, like not just with my phone, but I am not doing so great. Photography has always been a passion of mine so this project may just be the motivation I need to do this for myself.

"Super sam's" mom from the photo above is even doing 365 days - go, Cait! I was hesitant to commit, but inspired here, here and here I've decided to take the jump (late, of course). Stay tuned!

Happy Friday, y'all!

photo credits: wedded bliss photography/caitlin harper photography for top knot events, sarah m style, caitlin harper photography


  1. Thank you so much for the love Christine! I'm so glad to be back to blogging and being creative. So grateful for the motivation, support and love from such an awesome bunch through instagram. happy weekend! xo.

  2. A Project 52/365 can be a little daunting but so worth it in the end when you get to look back at your year. Children grow and change so quickly! They'll be all grown up in a heartbeat :( I'm looking forward to seeing weekly pictures of Alice and baby #2 :) I just started my own 365 (http://whatlifelookslike2014.blogspot.ca/) and am finding that it's a great way of really seeing my children for who they are every day.


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