Loving... Donuts

If you follow me on instagram you're well aware of my pregnancy addiction with donuts. It's a bit ridiculous actually, I can no longer walk past the donut counter at Safeway without indulging. I don't need anything fancy, I'm all about the plain old honey glazed. Mmmm, so good.

I'm hoping this addiction goes away once baby arrives, but for now I'm enjoying how amazing donuts (and food) taste because isn't that what pregnancy is for?? I really, really wanted a donut last night so instead of running to the store I rounded up some fun donut goodies in honour of my craving... enjoy!

Loving... Donuts!

1: donut worry, be happy print: ss print shop
2: floating donut inflatable (need this for summer!): indigo
3: donut card set: ann shen, etsy
4: coffee and donuts mug: indigo
5: free donut printables (these are so great!): oh happy day
6: donut iphone case: studio diy and pencil shavings studio, etsy
7: wooden donuts, amazon

And now I need a donut... again.

Happy weekend!

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Alice's Second Birthday Party

So Alice turned two.... like 3.5 months ago. I was in the thick of first trimester nausea/exhaustion, just back from vacation and was still determined to make something happen. After some very last minute planning and some very late night crafting we ended up with a 'twinkle, twinkle little star' party in Alice's favourite colour, purple. It was a pretty great day.

twinkle twinkle little star party

There were a few older kids at the party and I wanted a little something to keep the kids entertained so I setup a mini craft table with some foam stickers, pencil crayons and a twinkle, twinkle little star colouring page. Of course being last minute I didn't have time to go buy colouring books so I made a quickie themed colouring page for the kids. You can download the free printable here if you're interested.

Don't look too closely because I totally burnt the cookie star wands... luckily, two year olds aren't too picky.

twinkle twinkle little star party

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful friends and family who came to celebrate with our special little lady!

twinkle twinkle little star party

tissue paper garland, star balloons, plastic milk jars, straws: confetti sparkle party shop
mini cake stand, star sparkler: wal-mart 
twinkle, twinkle little star colouring page: download here

xo, Christine

Stylish Toy Storage

Today I'm over at 4 Mothers 1 Blog sharing some stylish toy storage solutions. Considering the state my house is in right now I think I may need to take some of my own advice :|

Stylish Toy Storage
Sources: onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleven.

Thank you so much for having me, ladies!

*post contains some affiliate links

Spreading the Love...

Spreading the Love

- I am spreading the love with Etsy again! Want to win these beautiful letter pressed cards from Justine Ma Design AND a $50 Etsy gift card? I thought so, pop on over to my instagram account to enter.

- I spotted this salted caramel chocolate tart in last month's issue of Chatelaine and I can't stop thinking about it.... I (or someone) need to make this asap.

- donuts (honey dip timbits, to be exact) are my pregnancy weakness so you can imagine how on board I am with these cute donut hole arrows from Squirrelly Minds. Mmmmm.... can you tell I'm pregnant??

- also, I'm chatting blog and mom stuff over at Navy Darling as their 'blogger feature'. Thank you so much for having me, ladies! xo

Hope you have a great weekend! I, apparently, will be eating my way through mine ;)

photo credits: @justbellablog (IG), erik putz, chatelaine, squirrelly minds

Valentine's Day Mini Craft Day

My sister and I decided to have a mini craft day with our girls on Monday. I, of course, decided I needed to do a little crafting myself late the night before and gussied up their table a bit. Who says the kids get to have all the fun? I'd picked up this awesome sprinkle tape from Target and I was dying to use it for something.

Valentine's Day Craft Table Kids

Truth be told, Alice and I had a rough day on Monday. Lots of whining, screaming, tears - let's just say emotions were running high (from both of us). This moment of crafting the girls actually sat still, shared nicely and quietly painted their hearts away. I'm so glad we did this and I can now just focus on this happy moment of the day amongst the chaos and tears...

Valentine's Day Craft Kids Table

We didn't have much of a crafting plan, we just threw some paint, foam hearts and canvas at them and they made a mess, toddler style. I'm pretty sure most adults can't get away with topless crafting ;)

Valentine's Day Kids Craft Table

It's quite a beautiful mess though, isn't it?

Valentine's Day Kids Craft Table

sprinkle tape: target
heart balloons: locally at party city
heart plates: superstore
straws, plastic milk cups: confetti sparkle party shop
free valentine's card printable: sarah m style 
gift bags, red & white twine, paint: michael's
foam hearts and stickers: target
sequin heart hair clip: shop by monika

Thanks for the fun morning girls and for helping us focus on the love in an otherwise trying day, love you all!