Loving... Donuts

If you follow me on instagram you're well aware of my pregnancy addiction with donuts. It's a bit ridiculous actually, I can no longer walk past the donut counter at Safeway without indulging. I don't need anything fancy, I'm all about the plain old honey glazed. Mmmm, so good.

I'm hoping this addiction goes away once baby arrives, but for now I'm enjoying how amazing donuts (and food) taste because isn't that what pregnancy is for?? I really, really wanted a donut last night so instead of running to the store I rounded up some fun donut goodies in honour of my craving... enjoy!

Loving... Donuts!

1: donut worry, be happy print: ss print shop
2: floating donut inflatable (need this for summer!): indigo
3: donut card set: ann shen, etsy
4: coffee and donuts mug: indigo
5: free donut printables (these are so great!): oh happy day
6: donut iphone case: studio diy and pencil shavings studio, etsy
7: wooden donuts, amazon

And now I need a donut... again.

Happy weekend!

*post contains some affiliate links


  1. suddenly craving donuts like nobody's business ;)

  2. holy moly, these are fabulous donut finds!! *drool*

  3. Oh, how I miss donuts!!! I have yet to find a decent gluten-free donut, but the illustrated version might make a good substitute! ;) Have a great weekend Christine!

  4. I feel like we are in this together! I am not even going to admit how many I have had this week! Yah for pregnancy cravings!

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  6. I haven't craved a donut since I was preggo 2+ yrs ago but I have a sudden urge to grab a couple. Either I'm preggo again (definitely not) or you're really good at convincing/enabling ;-)

    Keep on donuting, mama!! You deserve the treats!



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