Spreading the Love...

Spreading the Love

- I am spreading the love with Etsy again! Want to win these beautiful letter pressed cards from Justine Ma Design AND a $50 Etsy gift card? I thought so, pop on over to my instagram account to enter.

- I spotted this salted caramel chocolate tart in last month's issue of Chatelaine and I can't stop thinking about it.... I (or someone) need to make this asap.

- donuts (honey dip timbits, to be exact) are my pregnancy weakness so you can imagine how on board I am with these cute donut hole arrows from Squirrelly Minds. Mmmmm.... can you tell I'm pregnant??

- also, I'm chatting blog and mom stuff over at Navy Darling as their 'blogger feature'. Thank you so much for having me, ladies! xo

Hope you have a great weekend! I, apparently, will be eating my way through mine ;)

photo credits: @justbellablog (IG), erik putz, chatelaine, squirrelly minds


  1. Donut holes on an arrow?!?!?! so cute!

  2. That Justine needs to stop being so talented (don't stop, J). And if there's salted caramel chocolate anything in my vicinity, consider that shiz devoured.

    Loved your interview over at Navy Darling, love you!!



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