Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

I had so much fun hosting a craft workshop a few weeks ago at 'Nest in the City', thank you to everyone who came to craft with me! For those of you who couldn't make it, here is the tutorial so you can make your own tissue tassel mobile at home.

I'm pretty sure I've made my weight in tassels by this point, so I can tell you they are really so easy to make, we even had some 5 year olds join us and they nailed it! If you're not in the market for a mobile the tassels also look great as a garland for party or room decor (as seen in my office here).

Let's get crafting!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

- embroidery hoop (size 8 - 12”)
- tissue paper (20x26”) - 4 sheets = 8 tassels
- scissors
- pencil
- twine, thread, or yarn

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile Supplies

step 1:
- fold tissue paper in half and then in half again the other way.
- place tissue with fold at top and paper tall and skinny.
- cut roughly 0.5” strips stopping about a 1.5” away from the fold (don’t cut the fold).

*you can also use a paper cutter if you have one, I found that to be a bit faster (mine is kinda like this). Keep in mind it doesn't have to be perfect, the fringe is going to be all clumped together so you'll never notice.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 2:
- unfold strip horizontally only and cut in half so you have two fringed sheets (two tassels).
- unfold tissue and lay fringe flat.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 3:
- roll tissue down middle of sheet being careful not to tangle fringe.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile
DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 4:
- fold fringe in half around pencil and make sure fringes line up along the bottom.
- begin twisting pencil to twirl and tighten fringe.
- remove pencil to create loop for twine.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile
DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

tada! A tassel!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 5:
- attach tassel to piece of twine.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

step 6:
- attach three pieces of twine to embroidery hoop to hang mobile.
* I found it easiest to hang it up (using a screw hook like this) and then attach tassels.
- attach tassels to embroidery hoop at alternating lengths to complete your mobile.

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

I'm really happy with how it turned out and how it looks in the nursery! I'm hoping to see how the girls in my workshop used them in their homes too, send me a pic if you make one!

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile

Happy crafting!

p.s. if you're in a time crunch or hey, sometimes we just get lazy you can make this project really easy and buy tissue tassel kits (they come pre-cut!). My pal, Cindy, has some great kits available here!


  1. That is soo easy!! Thanks for sharing this, I have a little persons birthday coming up and this might be a perfect decoration for it!!

  2. I made a tassel garland this past weekend and it turned out really well. I was so happy to find an easy, no hassle craft that looks great.

  3. Very cute, I had no idea tassels were so simple!

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  5. This is such a cute project! Beautiful photography too, Christine. :)

  6. So simple and sweet, I'm loving it! Also, wanted to let you know, I can't even remember how I came across your blog this morning but I am DIGGIN IT!!! I've been reading through it all morning! You have such great style. Congrats on the upcoming wee one too :)

  7. Such a cute mobile! Thanks for the idea! Also, random question -- I think I have that same dresser from ikea, and we were planning on using it for a changing table when our baby arrives too. But I was a little afraid it would be too high. Have you been using yours as a changing table for long? What do you think -- too high? Or totally fine?

    1. Loved the height as a change table, it worked really well for us actually. We're just average height 5'6 and 5'9 and it was great. Good storage too!

    2. Thanks so much! At 5'5 and 6'1, we should be solid. So glad it's going to work out (cause who wants to buy more furniture when they don't have to, right?). Woot!

  8. I love this DIY, looks like it was a lot of fun to post.
    I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out my site for the rules :)

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