Shop Girl: Michele, Blush Shop

I am so excited to introduce you to another lovely 'shop girl' today. Michele is the owner of Blush Shop, a beyond gorgeous online and storefront boutique in Guelph, Ontario. I've never actually stepped foot in her shop but this girl inspires me on a daily basis with quite possibly the most beautiful instagram feed I have ever seen (and with over 44K followers I'm not the only one who thinks she's pretty darn amazing).

She has such an incredible eye for styling and literally makes me stop in my tracks to admire her amazing vignettes. Let's all take a moment to jump into her world of pretty, shall we?

Shop Girl: Michele, Blush Shop

Michele: I was commuting to Toronto and working for a company as a Visual Director for Canada for quite a few years. In 2004 I decided as much as I loved my job.. it was time to start my own adventure. Blush was created and has been in business for 9.5 years!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

You have the most beautiful Instagram feed, has social media changed the way you do business?
M: For me Instagram is a creative outlet! I love the people and scrolling through inspirational pics everyday. Social media has definitely helped and improved the business over the years. Now we are able to connect and share pics with people from all over the world. It's pretty amazing!


Your attention to detail and styling is impeccable, what is your best styling tip?
M: I'm a bit of a display girl.. I have always had an eye for all those little details. I'm sure everyone works differently but my best styling tip is to take your time and take a few pics... and of course...have fun with it!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

I was giddy when I saw your little BOW trailer, tell us more about your travelling shop, Blush on Wheels.
M: After hearing many people commenting on how they wish Blush was in their city or their location... I thought... ah ha.. mobile boutique. BOW..blush on wheels was vision.. my husband's hard work. We loved that we could take the Blush experience out to our customers!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

I love how you style your goods with props and accessories (vintage phones, sewing machines, hotel luggage carts) - where do you find these unique items? Any favs?
M: Over 9 years of collecting props for the can only imagine our Blush prop room! It's a little over flowing! I usually find my goodies at Local antique markets and thrift shops. I have so many display items that I love but I think my favourite are the luggage carts!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop

What’s your typical day look like (or is there one)??
M: My days tend to change up according to what is happening at the shop. Most often I wake up around 6 am, drink coffee, walk the dogs, meditate & stretch, get ready and the three of us head into work. (my husband, Louis P and myself).

Once at work.. get the shop opened ... probably instagram my outfit! ha ha. I attend to my list for the day, blog, post pics of new products, answer customer emails, help my customers, merchandise, take a few more instagrams.. and before I know it.. it's time to head home!

Best advice...regardless of what your dreams are.....Work hard and always do your best!

Shop Girl: Blush Shop


1. FAVOURITE item in your shop?
M: It changes weekly... this print top is from one of our french lines des petits hauts. Just love the colours and the way it feels on. Effortless!

M: probably chocolate.. or something sweet!

3. favourite/go-to fashion accessory?
M: my weakness.. is shoes.. hands down.. I always have room for one more pair in the closet!

M: amy_stone (IG), lucylaucht (IG), sarakatestudios (IG)

5. favourite thing to do on a day off?
M: When I manage to get a day off from the shop... I love to curl up with a good business book and cup of tea. One other thing I love to do is head to the antique market to poke around to get inspired.

*Sigh* So lovely, right? Michele is so sweet and talented and I'm so happy to have her here today.

She has so generously offered up some lovely goodies from her shop to one of you. Pop on over to instagram to enter to win the goodies below - lollia hand cream in WISH, shop gold star bobbi pin, and beautiful blue and grey spring scarf. Yes, please!

Blush Shop: Goodies

Pretty, pretty, pretty!


Shop: Blush Shop, 38 Quebec Street, Guelph, ON
Blog: Lovely & Chic
Instagram: @blushshop (seriously, go follow now)
Twitter: @blushshop
Facebook: Blush Shop

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  1. Oh my gosh. Dose of pretty indeed. I just want to live in that space. Can't go wrong with girly + feminine. That chandelier!

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog fun to work with you. Now..I wonder who will win the goodies! xox Michele

  3. What a beautiful space! I want a closet that looks like this, the flowing curtains and light colors are so chic.

  4. You have your finger on the pulse of jaw-droppingly gorgeous shops in your area, C! I would move into that space in a heartbeat.

  5. It's hard to believe, but Michele is even more lovely, sweet and stylish than her shop. I hope you'll get a chance to visit Guelph and Blush some day to experience it for yourself! :)


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