Fav Things + Mother's Day Gift Guide

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was participating in a 'Blogger's Favourite Things Exchange' just in time for Mother's Day. Jen and Stefanie organized a group of bloggers (and mamas) and we sent out packages secret santa style featuring some of our fav things.

Alex from North Story absolutely spoiled me with this package of pink, gold and crafty goodness. She put so much thought into every single piece and even threw in some handmade goodies for Alice! Dude, you get me. Thank you, thank you so much!

blogger fav things: mother's day

And if that wasn't enough, Stefanie and Jen brought on some generous sponsors that sent along some of their 'favourite things'. Seriously, it was like Christmas over here, I may just go into fun mail denial now that this is over. Spoiled. Rotten. You can see all the fun over on instagram if you search #bloggerfavthings.

I sent a few of my fav things over to Dana from House Tweaking. I had so much fun shopping for her and hope she enjoys these things as much as I do. Yes, I colour coordinated - I can't stop my nerdy self!

'hey you're awesome' print, notebook, monogram mug, washi tape, one line a day journal, notebooks, mini latte bowls

It was an amazing opportunity to connect with other bloggers and to get some pretty darn great ideas for mother's day gifts. If you're looking for inspiration Stefanie put together this awesome gift guide featuring a few of the gifts included. So many great ideas for your mom, mom friends, or some 'hint, hints' to your husband ;)

Thanks again to Jen and Stefanie for including me. While I did get a lot of great "stuff" I really enjoyed the thought behind everything. Getting a handwritten note (ie. not bills) goes a long, long way to make someone's day. I am definitely going to find more reasons to spread the love the old fashioned way. Nothing beats some good ol' fun mail.

Happy almost mother's day. Hope this inspires you to spread the love too.

Thank you to all those involved in this fun project:


  1. So glad you felt spoiled (I felt exactly the same!). I love all the gifts you gave and received - especially that sparkly bottle for Miss Alice!

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  3. I'm glad you liked them! Every time I saw your Instagram I was like I gotta get on the pink & gold for you!

  4. Love the "Hey You're Awesome" and there is truly something about a hand-written note isn't there? How are you? You're due so soon I believe! :) Will be thinking of you as a new mama of two! Just FYI...it gets easier (don't panic in the beginning). ;) Actually I don't know if easier is the right word. You just adjust to it....Sort of. Oh geez...I'll stop rambling. I need a glass of wine anyway. ;) xoxo


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