Office Gallery Wall (+ a little how to)

I'm a huge fan of gallery walls. There is something so fun about curating a bunch of your favourite prints, art and photographs all in one little corner. This little nook in my office makes me so happy I figured it needed it's own little post. It's a combination of prints, Alice art and even framed greeting cards and was surprisingly affordable to make.


I love the collected look of a gallery wall but I find they do involve a bit of planning to get it right. I usually start by laying out all my frames on the floor and playing around there until I get the look I like.

Next up I trace all my frames on kraft paper and mark the nail spots on the paper. Then it's onto the wall with tape to recreate what I had going on the floor.


You can just hammer in your nails into your paper marks and then you're all set to hang. This is a great way to minimize all those random holes in the wall (especially for an eyeballer like me).

As you can see, I ended up switching things up a bit in the end but it's a great way to get started. I'm also a huge fan of painters tape for planning out furniture (see the tapings for my expedit shelf?)... works great on the floor too.

Office Gallery Wall

What's your strategy for gallery walls, do you just wing it? In the end, I think I did a bit of both and there are totally extra nail holes hiding behind some of those prints ;)

'let's share our hearts, ok?': justine ma design
carousel photo: tracey ayton:
floral card: rifle paper co.
gold 'A': indigo
abstract art - an alice original 
'only happy thoughts': SS print shop:
'hooray' card: rifle paper co
'love you' watercolour: justine ma design


Click here to see the full office tour.


  1. Beautiful! I so get the whole extra nail holes in the wall thing. That's classic Amy style. ;)

  2. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Oh, I'm a big time planner! I actually just did this with a gallery wall we've been working on in our living room. I followed my kraft paper cutouts exactly, but it doesn't quite look right no our wall, ugh! I'm planning to tighten up the alignment a bit before sharing on my own blog!

  4. Looks so great!! Love the mix you have!

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  6. I love your gallery wall Christine! I usually lay them out on the floor as well before hanging them but I do love the idea of tapping kraft paper on the walls beforehand! I also use command products to hang all my art/pictures (can hold up to 150 pounds) which means no holes in the walls ! By the way, I lived in Edmonton for a few years while studying at the University of Alberta :)

    Lina @

  7. This looks lovely! Our office is pretty barren so I'll have to get on decorating it, perhaps with a gallery wall!

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  9. Love your gallery wall! I have already pinned!

    Tammy @ the colored door

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  12. Love it! I would like to do a gallery wall one day, but I need to save up some cash first to make sure it's everything I really want it to be. Your is gorg. Definitely bookmarking this. XO


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