Donut Costume!

I'm pretty sure this costume was made for me... and because they don't make it in my size, I had to pass the donut love onto my child, haha. I hope you're not too sick about hearing about donuts, because this costume from Pottery Barn Kids is all kinds of amazing.

Funny enough, a friend of mine sent me a link to this costume knowing I would love it and the next day Pottery Barn Kids got in touch to see if I'd be open to trying one out. Yes, please! It was donut fate. I've always eyed up their beautiful costumes so I was so excited to get my hands on one.

I definitely paid for the amount of sugar she devoured to get these photos, but it was totally worth it for all this cuteness! I could just eat her up!

donut costume

Despite the whipped cream topped brownie bribery required this day, Alice really does love the costume too. It's soft, comfy and fits perfectly over a snowsuit if need be (and if you follow me on instagram you'll see that is a big plus this year).

donut costume

Thank you so much to my wonderful friend, Justine, for illustrating the beautiful little donut shop. She is so crazy talented and I love every opportunity we have to work/play together! Thanks for being so awesome, friend, and for being patient with our diva of a model ;)

Also, hooray for procrastination because if you're still looking for a costume the goodies from Pottery Barn Kids' collection are on sale! I'm a huge fan of stocking up on sale halloween costumes for the dress up bin, myself.

Happy shopping and happy halloween!!

kids donut costume: c/o pottery barn kids
custom illustration: justine ma design


  1. So cute... donut anything is the best!!

  2. This is SO good!! Yay donuts, and yay for beautiful illustrations, too!!

  3. I really enjoyed this day!! SO much! Even the procrastination from our model. It's clearly hard work to look that darn cute. AND I'm so sorry about the sugar... That brownie was way too big for a toddler. You can pay me back in two years ;)


  4. yay!! so fun to see some action on the blog, and alice in that costume is just perfect -- can't wait to see her all bundled up on halloween!

    and it's probably time justine adds professional confetti tosser to her resume ;)

  5. Sweet jeebus, Alice is absolutely delicious!! The backdrop, the confetti, and of course the donut costume are all just darling. Pottery Barn couldn't have asked for a better model!

  6. This is so great! And so perfect for Alberta Halloweens! I had NO idea pottery barn sold costumes - the Frankenstein is pretty darn cute too :)


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