I Only Have Eyes For You Valentine's Printable

I'm purposely ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged in um, months and moving straight on to the fun that is valentine's day! I love all the hearts, I love all the colours and I love getting crafty. I couldn't miss this one.

I came across these googly eye rings at Michael's and thought they'd make a super simple valentine's day card. I ended up doing a day before the preschool party collaboration with my friend, Andrea who is creative, inspiring, talented.... and, like me, pretty good at procrastinating. We make a pretty great team.

We designed these cards together and attached the rings with some washi tape. They turned out pretty darn cute (and I got all super sappy watching Alice actually sign her name on them)!

i only have eyes for you - free printable valentine
i only have eyes for you - free printable valentine

If by chance you're still in need of a valentine (technically, it is tomorrow) we created a free printable for you to download here! So you're either just set for this year or really prepared for next year. Either way, Andrea and I wanted to spread the love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

photo credit: bottom three photos by andrea hanki

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