Cozy Reading Nook with Canadian Tire

A few months ago I snuck away to Toronto to team up with Canadian Tire to promote their new fall CANVAS Home and Dining Collection

I had so much fun last time styling my glamping party for the CANVAS Patio line that I jumped at the chance to work with them again and see what they had in store for fall. I was not disappointed. There are so many great new pieces - chairs, desks, and the lighting (swoon!). Nicely done, Canadian Tire. I am so impressed with the new stylish pieces they are coming out with and the innovative ways they are promoting it. 


For my project I was given the Xavier collection and chose to style the pieces to create a cozy reading nook. I imagined the space as that room you can escape to, either to work or curl up with a good book and a cup of tea - a mom cave, if you will. I was floating away to dreamland pinning reading nooks and cozy inspirational images. (see my pinterest board). 


I'm so happy with how the room came together. Canadian Tire was so great at bringing my vision to life and really encouraged us to make the space our own. I think I raided every wall in my home to create that gorgeous gallery wall (there's even some Alice artwork!)! It works so well with all the elements in the room. 


Isn't that floor lamp gorgeous?! I think this one may need to make an appearance in my home too.


As an added bonus, I got to hang out with the beautiful, Julie and Monika. Their rooms turned out equally as stunning. I had so much fun with them and the whole Canadian Tire group and crew. Thank you all for making this such a fun (and slightly less nerve wracking) experience for me!


Follow along on social media @canadian tire #mycanvas and please pop on over to the Canadian Tire website to check out my full project - there's video again! Eeek. 



  1. Christine, you did such a great job! The space looks amazing!!

  2. I love the look of the room, but I'm not getting the idea of turning the books backwards. If I did that here I would never be able to find ANY books! I just posted about this as a joke on facebook ... "Who here thinks I should turn my husband's books around for a more neutral look?" (We have separate walls of books, I sure hope no one turns mine around! :) I love your design work though, it looks great.

  3. Neat to see Canadian Tire stepping up to the plate. And I love your style. One reservation, though, about the books. I am a writer and have a thousand or so of them (and that's after a radical downsizing last year). So my problem is that I don't think I can remember what they all look like from their back ends. Those of us who are walking the form/function line could so with some advice! ;-)


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