Poppy Barley Holiday + Just Bella Bash

I first met Poppy Barley when they approached Alice and I to be a part of the mother's day project nearly two years ago. We had such a great experience (we both loved playing dress up in pretty shoes) and I instantly connected with the kind, smart and thoughtful people behind the Poppy Barley brand (not to mention, the gorgeous shoes).

So when Kendall approached me to work with them to promote their holiday collection, I didn't hesitate one second to get on board! And the icing on the cake? They were enlisting my two besties, Andrea Hanki and Justine Ma to help bring the vision to life. Win, win!

Poppy Barley wanted to create a look that was warm, classic and inviting. I envisioned a cozy, luxurious home hit by a crazy fun holiday party with beautiful, fun script, and pops of strewn tinself and confetti. How's that for longest theme description ever? The space totally came to life in a fun, festive (but, not too "christmas'y") way and I think it's just as awesome as they are. 

Fabloomosity came in and worked their magic on the faux mantel we installed. Love the greenery garland they created!


Also, I can now add foot model to my resume, haha. Don't I look glamorous with my skirt tucked up above my chest? In addition to the show room decor, I worked with Caroline, Justine (hand lettering) and Andrea (photography) to style their holiday collection photo shoot. It was so much fun, though I have to say foot modelling is not as easy as it looks! Big props to all those real models out there!


I can't thank Poppy Barley enough for entrusting me with their vision and for seeing the potential in me to bring that to life. It gives me encouragement and makes me so excited for the things to come for Just Bella Bash. As one of my first official clients, Poppy Barley will always hold that special place in my heart. Decorating, photo shoot styling, pretty shoes, confetti... this was pretty much a dream job. 

Pop on over to the Poppy Barley Magazine for more beautiful photos and a breakdown of the holiday styling plan. Be prepared to add a few things to your wish list too, I know I certainly did. (I've got my eye on you beautiful handbag. *hint, hint* Mike ;)

Big thanks to the amazing team who made this all happen - Poppy Barley, Fabloomosity, Justine Ma, and Andrea Hanki. #dreamteam


all photos by Andrea Hanki.


  1. Awesome! You did a fabulous job, everything looks amazing!

  2. This is gorgeous! You're so creative. I love seeing all of these Edmonton ladies working together!


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