about-photo-just-bellaHello! My name is Christine. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with my hubs and our sweet little girl (that's us up there). This is my little corner of the internet where I blog about all things beautiful — design, food, style, travel and bits of everyday life. You know, all the good stuff I love and think you might love too.

I'm a mom with a background in graphic design and a love for the written word. I also love chai tea lattes, good books, decor mags, baby kisses/rolls/giggles, party planning, dresses with pockets, crafternoons, and breakfast for dinner (as long as there's bacon). I don't have a handy bone in my body but I'm a design/shopping aficionado who is slowly trying to decorate our home one diy project at a time.

Life can't always be beautiful but I'm doing my best to focus on the good — the things, the experiences and the people that make it all worth while. Blogging is my way to do just that, it is my creative outlet to write, to create and to connect with wonderful peeps like you.

Welcome. I'm glad you're here.

a few details:
hello and about page photo by paula scherr photography
custom hand lettering 'just bella' and 'hello' by Justine Ma: Design & Hand Lettering